Friday, October 7, 2011

12 Dad Blogs That You Should Be Reading

There are some amazing Dad Blogs out there (and a few wonderful Dads who Blog, too) and I am guessing that you probably aren't acquainted with them. For some reason, being a Mom Blogger (even if you hate the term) is hot, but being a Dad Blogger is just a totally overlooked blogoverse category. And I don't get it AT ALL. Who better than a dad to help us understand our husbands, the fathers in our lives, and their thoughts on parenting and life in general?

The men listed below write wonderful, thoughtful, often hilarious blogs that cover everything you could ever imagine. I am so happy to have become blog friends with them and excited to introduce them to you.

Richard Monroe and Barry Silver

1. Richard Monroe writes The Butterbottom Blog, "the blog that is strong enough for a man, but made for a woman." He writes posts about the absurdities and humor of life as a husband and father. The word "lovely" comes to mind, but is that a masculine enough description for a Daddy Blog? Well, it's a lovely blog.

2. Barry Silver is my first Dad who blogs (but not a Dad Blogger). A Life Lived Well Concludes With A Smile records "life's small moments that create life's lasting memories." With posts on everything from family to technology, entertainment to life in general, A Life Well Lived provides the prefect mash-up of everything you ever needed to read.

John Willey and Ben Moffat

3. John Willey is the author of Daddy's In Charge? and one of this year's Best Dad Blog Award Nominees. I love his Lego movies (starring everyone from Chuck Norris to Spiderman) which record his singular views on fatherhood. Read the bittersweet My Son is a Swinger to appreciate those days when your kids are dependent on you, especially if you have days like me where you wish they could do their own laundry and cook for themselves.

4. Ben Moffat is The Angry Scot, a Scotsman living with his family in Sweden. The Angry Scot is his place to write and rant about life, parenting, and all of the exploits that come with them. Ben is incredibly opinionated and not afraid to let everyone know (sort of like my Scotch-American hubs).

Justin Mannato and Dustin Christian

5. Justin Mannato's Daddy Knows Less is listed as Circle of Moms #12 Best Dad Blog. His post about Ikea (a store which I am DYING to shop at), "To Hell and Back" is an absolute must read. Absolutely hilarious and really showed me how my husband feels on our shopping forays!

6. Dustin Christian, author of Daddy Geek: Raising the Dungeonmasters of Tomorrow, is another blog author who writes about a wonderfully varied mix of parenting topics. Check out It's Okay to Hate Being a Parent. . . Occasionally. Dustin will be one of the dads guest posting over the next few weeks, so look out for him.

Todd Howard and Edward Staples, Jr.

7. Todd Howard's is an invaluable resource for homeschooling parents and any parent who wishes to help further educate their child. He has a real passion for teaching our children, and his website shows it. The blog is an adjunct to Todd's educational organizational tool available online.

8. Edward Staples, Jr. of FatherEd is a Christian father who writes insightful articles about child rearing. He has an evident love for his children and you can tell from his posts that he is intentionally raising them with honor and dignity. Oh, and his youngest is a William, too, and both are darn cute!

Matthew Peregoy and Alex Walsh

9. Matthew Peregoy of The Real Matt Daddy is funny, funny, funny. Did I mention that this blog is hilarious? Really, you've got to read his recent post on how to get a toddler to sit still. Where was he when William was 1? Also nominated for Best Daddy Blogger of the year.

10. Alex Walsh of Daddacool can explain himself best: "What's there to say really? I am a father to two small children who haven't yet pushed me past the point where my sanity disintegrates and I turn into a gibbering wreck but that can only be just round the corner." Listed at #8 on Cision's list of Top UK Daddy Blogs; Alex has also been published in my go to English news source, The Guardian.

Derek Markham and Zach Rosenberg

11. Derek Markham writes Natural Papa, Treehugger's 2010 Best Health and Wellness website. This site goes beyond most eco-parenting sites which seem to be geared toward eco-deals by tackling topics such as home birth, parenting, and eco-living in an amazingly insightful fashion.

12. Zach Rosenberg is one of the Editors of 8BitDad: Paternity in Pixels, has appeared on radio on His Side with Glenn Sacks and written for publications such as Filter Magazine and The Los Angeles Sentinel. This wonderful blog brings together soundbites geared toward everyman about fathering, parenting, and being a man from all over the internet. Often absurd, usually hilarious, always entertaining, this blog is worth a bit of your time.


Dustin Christian said...

Thank you so much for the mention. It's an honor to be included in a list with so many top-notch guys.

Becoming Supermommy said...

Can I suggest a few other Daddy blogs? The Hossman Chronicles and The Kopp Twins are two of my favorites.

Zach Rosenberg said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

Edward said...

Thanks so much for the PUB.... however... my Wm is a TWIN! lol but he is "techincally" the yougest.. but 2 min. lol

thanks again.

Lisa Noel said...

thanks for this. I am now following them all (was following a couple)

Barry R. Silver said...

Thanks for including me in this august list of bloggers. It's great to be included as a "should read" instead of a "better left ignored".

Chuck Romano said...

I will have to check some of these blogs out. Would like to mention has many great guest daddy bloggers to check out, and always open for more guest posts! Great to hear other dad stories from dedicated parents. Very refreshing.

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