Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dad Days - Your Posts Needed


I had an interesting discussion with some fellow bloggers on Triberr the other day about how overlooked Dad Bloggers feel in the blogosphere. I've always suspected that Dad Bloggers were under-appreciated; the discussion gave me the confirmation that I needed. And that led me to thinking about how the role of Dad has, in general, seemed to become more and more under-appreciated these days. That's why I'm dedicating these pages over the next few weeks to the other half of the parenting equation, our fathers. I'll tell you tomorrow about some great dad bloggers that you may not know about; some of them will be contributing posts to Dropped Stitches. I'll talk about my father figures and other issues I've noticed; I am, however, turning most of this over to the men as they have the best insight on what it is to be a father.

If you are a dad blogger (or a dad who blogs) who I've not yet met and would like to contribute to the blog, you can contact me on twitter @erinswallace or email me your post idea to If you are a woman who would like to talk about the father figures in your life you may do the same. I'm excited about these next few weeks and hope to have you all along for the journey.


LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

I have only come across a few dad bloggers the last couple years but I know they are out there. Good idea to connect with and promote them!

Enjoy your weekend,
LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

christopher (@twistedxtian) said...

This sounds like fun. :) I'm a dad blogger and would love to participate.

Happy #CommentDay!

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