Friday, January 11, 2008

The Rest of the Tribe



The love of my life, my sexy mon (say it with a Jamaican accent)
The spiritual head of the house
Has an obsession with motorcycles, especially the Kawasaki Ninja
Came up with the idea for "No Sweat Odor and Sweat Eliminators";
if you have stinky shoes or a stinky teenager, you need a few!
Sci-Fi junkie, but also loves a good history show
Listens to Christian radio and good old Rock and Roll, with an inordinate love for
vintage Elton John and The Moody Blues
A Leader of The Vineyard of Marysville's Men's program and
The United Way's Community Care Day
He's a lover, not a fighter



Hyper drama queen teenager extraordinaire
Figure skater in Freestyle 3 group; maybe World's next year?
Amazing fashion sense - could put outfits together for Vogue
Better marry rich for the type of house she wants to live in
Just learned to mow the lawn today
Always wants to go somewhere, do something, have someone around
My Jeni's ice cream partner in crime
Obsessed with Bridal magazines and "Say Yes to the Dress"
Sings pop off key and very loudly



Tall musician type
Blue eyes that could melt a girl's heart
Listens to the music that only the cool kids know about
Plays trumpet, keyboard, and guitar
Lived through the most horrible set of braces imaginable - his teeth are a dream
The hotter and spicier the better
Chipotle obsession; to 6-month self-imposed break to cleanse his soul
Smarty pants. I mean he's really smart.
Smiles freely and often
So nice, and yet loves those gory "Doom" shooting games. Alas.
Did I mention he likes music. Yeah, he wants to be a music major.
At NYU. All the way in New York City. Which is kind of far from Ohio.


Gangly preteen who loves ESPN
Basketball maniac, both on the court and court side
Currently a PokeManiac, previously plugged into Madden '09
Learning to cook, and actually likes it
His room has been declared a biohazard area
Very spiritual kid with extraordinary empathy
Did I mention he likes sports, knows all the stats, all the players,
on all the teams, in every sport, ever?
Frequently bursts into "Don't Stop Believing" and "Eye of the Tiger"
Male obsession with Lamborghinis


Toddler Hotwheels maniac
Daredevil moves which stop parent's hearts
Day would not be complete without " bob bob p-pants" and anything Nick Jr.
Chocoholic with a preference for any type of chocolate he can get his hands on
Sleeps with mom and dad, so he can kick them all night
A lover like his daddy; he likes to give kisses and chase little girls
Plays the piano, harmonica, and guitar in wistful, folk-music singer fashion
Wants what he wants when he wants it
Would swing his day away if mommy's arms could take it
Can't walk on a gravel driveway without collecting a few rocks
Dandelion seed head destroyer
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