Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shabby Apple: Gorgeous Dresses built to Flatter

In the midst of all of the craziness of last week, I received a package that I was SO excited to get. I have been a fan of Shabby Apple for a long time and often find myself window shopping on their website, oohing and aahing over their dresses. Shabby Apple is an online clothing shop specializing in vintage inspired dresses that cover in all of the right places while being chic and flattering. There is no need for camis, safety pins, or stretch shorts to maintain modesty; these dresses are made to hide what needs to be hidden while maintaining style and sexiness. It goes without saying that when I was contacted about reviewing one of their dresses I jumped.


One thing I love about the website is their Fit To Flatter tool which analyzes your figure and selects dresses which would flatter it. After answering a few questions I was given a large list of dresses to choose from, all of which I loved.

I decided on the “Frida K”. I have been eying it for a while, and was excited when it was one of my figure-flattering suggestions. Let me start by saying that the quality of this dress is superb. Anywhere that there is the remote possibility that a seam would show there is a French seam. The material is high quality and durable. This is a dress that is built to last.


And the fit! Va-va-voom!!! I am a Reubenesque woman who is quite busty and usually wear a size 16 or a XL. The dress was described as fitting loosely; I ordered a L. It fit in all of the right places better than any dress I have tried on in a long time. I was instantly transformed into the minxy Christina Hendrix version of myself, ready to take on Dan Draper and then attend the swank cocktail party after church. This dress is appropriate for work, dressy occasions, dates, and is modest enough to wear to weddings, church, etc. It would be difficult to dress down (although Shabby Apple offers plenty of dresses that fit into this category, too, as well as a great selection of aprons, swim suits, athletic wear, and accessories).

This gorgeous number ("Antiquated") is lace lined with stretch acetate.

I wore the “Frida K” to the funeral showing and I can't tell you how many compliments I got. I even caught a group of well dressed high school girls dissecting what I was wearing (accessories were my mom's vintage star burst broach and a pair of black pointy kitten heels) and received a big thumbs up. A dress that can take you from a funeral to cocktails to a hot date is a rare find, but the “Frida K” has it all. When I return to work, I fully intend to buy a large portion of my wardrobe from Shabby Apple. The prices are right, the styles are timeless, the quality superb.

The "Truman" is stylish, sophisticated, and easy to wear

Right now Shabby Apple is offering a 10% discount to Dropped Stitches readers. Shop from the site and at checkout enter code “droppedstitches10off“. Offer good through 6/26/11.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


The last week was filled with the type of madness that you think only happens in the news or Law and Order until it happens to someone you love. I was searching for a poetic or prosaic way to say all of this, but there's really nothing poetic about it. On Saturday my step children's grandmother and my friend Tammy Bohrer was shot and killed at work by a disgruntled customer who then went outside and shot herself. The days after were spent in tears and trying to make sense out of something that is truly senseless. I reverted to the comfort of my bed (she told me that she considered me her daughter-in-law and was immediately warm and kind to me), the kids tried to stay busy, my husband (she was his deceased wife Tara's mother) wandered around in a state of shock.

This is a woman who, more than anyone I have ever known, was at a joyful, peaceful spot in her life. She loved God and wasn't afraid to tell anyone that she did. She was truly, completely sober for the first time in her life. She had met and fallen deeply in love with her husband of 1 1/2 years. She talked about life, her grandchildren, love, everything with the most spectacularly beautiful glow and smile on her face.

Her funeral was beautiful. Her son Tom talked about savoring everyone and every moment and leaving pettiness and anger behind as you really never know when God will bring you home. And the ministers, her father-in-law and stepdad, both talked about the glory of heaven and the radiance that she is living in with Tara, her daughter who she missed so deeply and viscerally. Rather than leaving more broken than healed, everyone left uplifted with a sense of the true blessing that God allowed Tammy, a place in His kingdom.

Yesterday was the first day that felt at all normal again. The picture above is from a trip to the waterfall at Griggs Reservoir, a sanctuary in the middle of suburban Columbus. Climb down a few stairs, follow a startlingly beautiful path, and the roar creeps up on you, the spray cools on a hot day, naked toes can wade in a rocky stream, and little four-year-old boys can throw rocks with a "plop" into clear waters. A magical spot for much needed sanctuary.
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Feels like summer

It never takes long for into feel like summer in Ohio. We go from winter to the 70s in weeks. This picture feels like our gorgeous weather and stars the previously featured Linus (last in in 2010s August break).

Have any of you attended a Walk to Emmaus? I attended Central Ohio Women's Emmaus Walk #74 (back in aught 4) and sat at the table of Deborah *clap*. I've also served on two teams. This weekend I will be serving as one of the live-in Logistics members and scrubbing toilets and filling paper towel dispensers. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of work, but ready to be of service.

If you have been on a walk, I'd love to hear about your experience (without giving away any spoilers!). If you have no idea what the heck I'm talking about I will most likely be posting about the weekend soon, or you can search (since I can't do links as I am still using my phone to post- yes I am) Central Ohio Walk to Emmaus and click on "What is Emmaus?" It is an amazing experience and a wonderful community for any believer or searcher to become involved in.
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