Friday, April 15, 2011


I believe that the gorgeous, huge, most perfect climbing tree in the world ash in my front yard has become infected by the emerald ash borer. For those of you out of the loop, the emerald ash borer is native to Asia and about ten years back it started decimating trees in Canada, moved to Michigan (where it's killed tens of thousands of trees) and made its way into Ohio and other states a few years back. The first case of it in my county was identified in front of my dentist's office last year. Once infected, trees defoliate from the top down until they totally die off. It can be treated, but in a grand old tree like the one in my yard the cost can get up into the $500 range. When I called the Ohio Department of Agriculture to see if they could do anything, I was told that when the tree got cut down I had to burn the wood in my county. I don't want to have to cut it down! I love my tree!

I Don't Like Change. Never have. Don't think I ever will. Yes, it's essential for growth and all that jazz and yadda yadda yadda, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. I will not like the large expanse of lawn that we will have in a few years time, though my roses, which are currently partially shaded by my Fabulous Ash, will.

Actually, there are a few types of change I like:

I like the song "Changes" by David Bowie. But then I like anything that has to do with David Bowie. His eyes are amazing. The album "Young Americans" is on my top 10 list (I love the funk). The man knows how to dress, and he appears in one of my top 10 ridiculous comedies, "Zoolander." So there you go.

I like it when you buy soda and too much change comes out of the dispenser.

I do enjoy new clothing, which is a change, but I don't like changing rooms.

Winter changing to spring is my favorite time of year.

I think I would like the sort of change that would come if the wealthy uncle I never knew I had but somehow knew and loved me left me several million dollars. Or even several tens of thousands. I'm not too picky.

But I don't like to change my hair or the type of car I drive. When buildings come down it unnerves me. When U2 changed to pop music it took me two albums to admit that they were just as good.

I'm getting better about it. I think that the older you get the more you are forced to accept that the world isn't set on idle. People, places, everything is in constant flux and I can't stop it. New changes can lead to new comforts and loves and pleasures and who can complain about that? Hmmm, I guess I can, or I wouldn't be writing this post.

How do you deal with change?
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Lois Evensen said...

I see change as an opportunity for growth.

I hope you don't lose your tree. We had to take down our 132 year old (I counted the rings) Calapa tree last Fall. We will probably use the spot for a table, chairs, wall, and flag pole. :)

Relyn said...

Sad, so sad to hear about your tree. I talk to mine. I absolutely understand - your heart is broken.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful and insightful post. I loved this glimpse into your world.
I am sorry about the tree. I feel for you.

L.A.C.E. said...

I love David Bowie in Labrynth :D I too dislike change.

faith76 said...

I embrace change as best as I can x I like change because everything can just grow stagnent and boring. That's what I think anyway. Have a great weekend. Leah x

Claudia said...

honestly, i love change - makes life exciting (but i'm talking about good changes..)
and winter changing to spring is my favorite time of year as well..

Bz said...

Nice to meet you through the A-Z challenge! Hope to see you around!

Emily Joyce said...

I don't deal with change very well either. I try to realize that I can't see the bigger picture sometimes, and that ultimately, it's for my good.

Lana said...

It's like when someone new comes to lunch and sits in a regular's chair. That tends to throw everyone off! I'm like you; some change is good, but i am a bit picky as to where and when this all takes place.

So sorry about your tree. They become part of the family with memories made in and under them.

Char said...

i don't like change really...not at all. is as they say, inevitable.

love this shot.

so sorry about the tree - that is heartbreaking.

Ashley said...

I like change, but I also like to be comfortable. What a weird thing about your tree. I have never heard of that before.

Angela Felsted said...

That's sad about your tree. We have a bunch furs in our yard that have died from invasive insects.

ben+alex said...

i have trouble with change as well!

but i am loving your blog.
newest follower:)


Laurie said...

I have learned that the only contant in life is constant change. So sorry about your tree. We've lost the three big silver maples in our yard over the years, and I mourn every one of them.

Sarah Allen said...

Interesting post. I'm so sorry about your tree. Change is hard for me as well, I usually use excessive planning as my defense mechanism. Sometimes it works.

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

beth said...

you know what....i don't really love change either on the simple things.....but i have moved state to state 13 times in 26 years and that doesn't bother me. odd, right :)

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