Monday, July 7, 2008

The sky is falling

I haven't posted for a while. My computer keyboard is cranky, and for the last week, the home row keys (asdfghjkl;') stopped working. The homerow is the homerow because these are keys that are very frequently used. It's difficult to type without a homerow.

The week before this, my daughter's friend (who happens to be very accident-prone) lost the "O" key on the keyboard. The "L" quit working for her, and in trying to pop off that key to get it to work, she popped off the "O" and lost it forever. The "Page Up" key is now the "O".

"Page Up" where the "O" goes

Our whole house is falling apart. One say when I was down in the basement, I noticed that the floor was covered in water. I looked up and found, much to my dismay, that the basement ceiling directly beneath the plumbing for our two bathrooms - the basement ceiling that a few weeks earlier was fine - had huge watermarks forming from about 4 different suspicious looking spots. I pulled off the ceiling where it already had a hole and was rewarded with a shower of grey yucky water. Now whenever anyone uses the sink in the main bathroom it sounds like the Niagra has moved to our basement.

There is no picture of this - it is too horrifying.

The computer, the plumbing, and the cooktop. My house has a vintage kitchen. Vintage because it has never been updated since it was built in 1968. It is so cool - a huge part of why I bought the house. But the problem with vintage appliances it that when they break, no one can fix them. I have the coolest stove-oven. It is a chrome Frigidair Custom Impereal Flair. The cooktop slides in and out from the unit. It is totally cool, clean, and cooks wonderfully.


Open Sesame!

But one of the burners has quit working, and it is difficult to find drip pans that fit it, so I am now down to 2 burners from 4. I have contacted Frigidair, local appliance repairmen, and vintage appliance repairmen and no one can do anything to fix my beloved cooktop. Of course, they all say, you could buy a new unit, but I love this one, and the last time I checked it, the money tree in my backyard had shriveled up. So I live with the two burners.

I have a Geneva Kitchen - the cabinets are metal and mauve. So 60's!

The Geneva Kitchen has cool features like a built in breadbox . . .

Lazy Susans (this is one of two) . . .

and a built in Plexiglass spice cabinet.

Did I mention that all of the cabinet shelves slide out? That I have a pop-up cutting board? That I am in love with my kitchen? My in-laws do not understand. About every 6 months they ask my husband when I am going to update my kitchen. But I am in love - how can I deny it? Besides, my kitchen is one of the few things Not Broken in my house (I can live with a few non-functioning burners). So I will continue to love my pink kitchen. Until it breaks, of course.

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