Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Update from the Homefront

I haven't posted for a while, so I suppose an update is in order. Actually, I was reminded that I actually have a blog and could I please post by A FAN who emailed me!!! I have a fan!!! WOOHOO! I didn't think anyone read this thing and I was just blowing smoke in cyberspace, but thanks to FaithBunker, I know that this blogging thing actually works!

Okay. I have taken a few deep breaths and a tranquilizer (not really) and am able to continue in the calm, sophisticated tone of previous posts.

Well, we've had illness in the house, which has kept me from the keyboard (which is new and actually works!). Just colds, but have you noticed that colds aren't like the happy-go-lucky colds of the 70's, when you were a little stuffy for a few days but they certainly didn't keep you from your Bionic Woman doll and all of her cool accessories? Now, colds knock me on my butt! I was in bed for two days. Maybe it's just because I'm old, but I was a wreck!

But that's not all. Kendall, my figure skater, will have to take a short leave of absence from the rink as she gracefully broke her toe last night while doing laundry. There is a pole at the bottom of our stairs, and she must have forgotten it was there, because she gave her toe a good whacking. My previous-life-as-a-pediatrician skills came in handy; I am good with a splint.

Kendall has a flair for the dramatic

William was alone in the living room with me today when he pulled himself up to standing using my pant leg, took me by the hand, and started to walk around the house with me, leading me to where he wanted to go. My heart nearly burst with maternal love! We walked to the bathroom, where he took a look at the toilet, his current object of fascination, then he took me to the front door. We walked outside, to the baby ginkgo tree, then back to one of Collin's footballs, where a short game of push and chase the football commenced. He then stood back up, took my by the hand, and we walked around to the garage, where Tim was fooling around with his motorcycle. He babbled a dissertation to daddy and then wanted to be picked up. This was the longest walk of his 18 month life and the first one that he decided upon without mommy's prompting. My baby is growing up too fast! As my mom often said to me, I'm going to have to tie a great big rock to his head to keep him little.

William taking a quite serious walk with Kendall.

Tim is doing well. Tim, who shattered his lower leg in a moped accident (he was hit by a truck driven by a man who did not yield) and swore that he would never ride again now has a new motorcycle that he hobbles up to with his crutches, turns on, strokes lovingly, and then turns off. He says that it gives him incentive to keep going and getting better. Okay. I don't ride. I am afraid of motorcycles and have only ridden with Tim once, during which I held onto him so tightly as to crush his ribcage (okay, not really) and squeezed my eyes shut in abject terror. I also don't think I took a breath for 3 blocks. I will give him the fact that they are amazingly fuel efficient (especially this one, which will sit in the garage indefinately as there is no way that Tim can ride until he can actually walk). I don't know where I am going with this particular story, except to say that I am proud of him for how far he has come in so little of a time. Okay, he can keep the motorcycle.

A wee little picture of my honey

What to say about Collin. He is 10. His life revolves around video games, inane DVDs like "Drillbit Taylor", shooting hoops, and the pool. He did go to football camp. He had a good time. He's 10, what can I say?

See that colorful quilt in the back? I made it!

So I guess that leaves me. I am now knitting a prayer shawl, which has put all other projects into hibernation. It's the widely used Trinity Stitch Pattern, which is simple and allows one to be quite meditative while knitting. Of course, I veered from the pattern by using size 10 needles, Bernat Boucle yarn (the #11's left holes where I purled which vexed me to no end, #10's solved the problem), and casting on 63 stitches. This number, and the recommended 57, is nice because you always begin with the knit stitch at the beginning of every row. I will try the recommended Lion Brand Homespun on the next shawl I knit as there will be more definition to the stitch pattern (which is obscured by the boucle). I am hoping to start a group in the community, but right now I am focusing on knitting shawls for my church to be given to whoever needs them.

We still have the Niagra in our basement. We should start charging admission. Then maybe we could afford a plumber so that I could take a bath. We do have a free-standing shower in another bathroom that is not involved in our Basement-Wonder-of-North-America, but I don't like to shower. I love a steaming hot bath. It is my evening therapy. Tim has a line on a guy at the church who is a plumber; fingers crossed that he will help us out. I miss my bath tub.

This is my basement, complete with the city in the background. Really.

So that's that. I have to go take a shower. Bah.

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