Monday, November 3, 2008

Turn to the Left, Turn to the Right . . .

O. M. G. (Sorry, I hear it literally 30,000 times a day). I have found the best blog. Ever. It has made me intensely jealous and in awe at the same time. Knit Lit is the perfect amalgam of knitting, fashion, cheekiness, o.k., everything. I am a fashionista. You would really never know it looking at me. I dress well, but I don't have $300 for a t-shirt or $20,000 for a dress. I am not a Greek heiress or a Park Avenue Princess. I would love to dress in Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses, La Perla pretties, and Manolos; alas, I am a housewife in Ohio. Old Navy, Target, Filene's Basement, that's the way I roll. Anyhow, this amazingly wonderful to look at blog has up-to-the-minute articles (check out the article about Rodarte knits - wouldn't you just kill to have the legs to wear those tights?).

A-Mazing Rodarte knits

On the Knit Lit blog, there was a link to this next to-fab-for-words blog, Karl Lagerfeld's Guide to Life, a truly inspired faux-blog that is too fabulous. Just read it.

I don't know. He just scares me a little, that's all.

There was a time early in my knitting life when I envisioned myself the next great fashion knitter. I have always dreamed of being a designer of some kind (am considering Interior Design as next career as I right this); my grandfather who used to teach Business Sociology at what was then Columbus Technical Institute and is now Columbus State Community College once gave me a career aptitude test that gave me the most accurate personality profile of any test that I have ever taken (somewhat withdrawn, bohemian spirit, giving to a fault, yada yada) in which my top scoring profession was designer and physician came in second. But knitwear will have to be a dream, as I can't even get the leg warmers that were a present for Kendall in July done.

Any-hoo, enjoy the blogs. Until next time, Ciao, bella.

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