Friday, May 1, 2009

Thrilled with my knitting

So I am thrilled with my knitting prowess as I have finished the back of the Michael Kors cardigan. Here's a picture.


I've started the left front and I think that it will be quicker than the back - not quite so wide, you see, and with that huge shawl collar much more decreasing. I'd show you a picture of what I've done, but it's not all that exciting, just a 2x2 rib with a small length of 1x1 rib where the buttons will be sewn on. Also, I am loving knitting with this Caron Simply Soft. I've had very few problems with it and it really is soft and cuddly.

Speaking of decreases, I found a great reference on when I was trying to figure out which stitches to use when I worked my armhole decreases. On the Decreases page not only do you get to see what the decrease looks like, but you can watch videos on how to stitch them using both English and Continental stitch. There is a similar page for increases. I can't say enough about this site. Whenever I'm unsure of a direction or how to work a certain stitch I can invariably find the answer here. Bookmark this site. It's a keeper.

Also in the great website category is, "the guide to the best free knitting patterns on the web." Most free pattern sites aren't much to look at, just lists of pattern names. This site has 15 colorful pictures of really lovely knitting projects like the popular Odessa hat found on Ravelry and a Basic Sock Recipe by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Really cool.


This picture shows the fallen petals from my neighbor's flowering plum and cherry trees. The alleyway has been a riot of purple and white. When you walk down it, you get the sensation of walking down the aisle in a very lavish wedding. Summer is here!

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