Monday, February 1, 2010

Just tidbits. That's all.

Alright, so I have to tell you, knitting lace is much more difficult than I thought it would be! Not really because the techniques or stitches are new to me, but because knitting with #3 needles is difficult, especially if you are shaky! I think I need needles with a pointier tip, too. Oh, and did I tell you, all of these years I have been doing the knit stitch incorrectly?! I was reading the instructions for my stole when I came upon the instruction to "knit through the back of the loop." I thought to myself, "how is this any different than doing a knit stitch, because that's how you do it???" So I got on and learned the CORRECT way to knit a stitch, from THE FRONT of the loop! Dur! It's actually much easier to knit this way (as you all know) and could account for my snail-like knitting pace (I have been having trouble with k2tog and ssk, though).


Rachael of Not So Plain Jane did a nice post yesterday about things that make her happy that she is alive. This is a good exercise for anyone to do, but especially for those of us who really want to just stay under the covers until spring.

On French Press Knits, Melynda is giving away a pair of her WILDLY popular French Press Felted Slippers. You MUST enter, even though you decrease my chances of winning by doing so. These slippers are the bomb!


Kitty said...

I've heard of many, many knitters that just do things the "wrong way" until someone tells them differently. My best friends mom makes the craziest backward purl I've ever seen! I pointed out to her that it wasn't the correct way- her response? If I start doing it right now, wont it make the rest of the hat look wrong? It looks right now- why change and make it look weird?

Good luck with your lace- it get easier to manipulate the stitches, especially with some pointier needles! Take care!

Jenn said...

Hang in there! I too ran into a few snags through the start of my project but I'm starting to feel a rhythm now and I'm way excited at how quickly the length of my little scarf is growing with all those holes :)

Karen said...

But knitting is a little like hitting a golf ball--as long as you always do it the same way it'll work for you. However knitting from the front is definitely easier!! Funny!

Stacy said...

I can relate to what you said about doing the knit stitch incorrectly ... after I learned to purl I thought I was a master knitter, then I found out I'd been doing it wrong and was quite humbled.

I find lace difficult, too, although I'm enjoying my KAL project. It helps to use Addi needles-- they are smooth and pointy and heavenly. My biggest challenge is staying focused on rows with a large number of stitches. I start daydreaming and mess up the pattern. That happened tonight, and after I ripped the row twice I decided it was time to put it away.

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