Monday, December 20, 2010

Fantasy Christmas List

My friend Relyn posted her fantasy Christmas list yesterday and I am copying her! You know I want peace and love and all that stuff; this is going to be a totally self-indulgent list of fantasy items that I really love.

A Rose Festooned Cottage


This one would do

The Inside of which is a Perfect Shabby Chic Paradise

Whoever designed this can do my house!

Surrounding the House


an amazing, lush, English garden

Inside the Garden


this amazing garden room

And in the back 40


this incredible field which looks like this the entire growing season

And while we're at it


I wouldn't turn down this Cartier Love Bracelet


or this hot pink, lizard Hermes Birkin.

And that's my fantasy!


Char said...

so beautiful - i feel so behind since i missed a week of connections. i hope you're doing well and having a merry holiday season.

Lindsey said...

All of those look amazing!

Jamie said...

Who wouldn't include a cozy cottage like that on the list.

Sharon said...

Oh, yeah! I could live there! So with you in this fantasy paradise--the cottage, the garden room, those pink flowers! Have happy holidays, Erin!

Michelle said...

Very fun post. Sigh, dreaming right along side you. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Sarah @ Mum In Bloom said...

Oh Erin such a dreamy lovely list. Love love the photos. I saw this ad on Craig's List yesterday & your post made it come back to mind... Look at this lady's back garden!

sara said...

Would it still be a fantasy if I lived there too? I could stay mostly in the garden room...I swear I'll be quiet!

and flowers pick themselves said...

that field is incredible! great list!

xo Alison

Myrna R. said...

Nice to dream.

christina said...

girl yes! big smile!

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