Monday, July 11, 2011

Pandorus Box

My daughter ran into my room and got me out of bed this morning; she's a budding photographer and knows a photo op when she sees one. Apparently there was an amazing green moth on the breezeway.


I was hoping for a Luna moth, something which I have never seen in person, but was greeted by the beauty above. The Pandorus Sphinx moth (or Hawk moth) isn't incredibly common in Ohio but is seen in other parts of the US. She easily the size of a hummingbird and had a wingspan of around 6 inches. God's creation never ceases to amaze me.



She was a very patient model and stood still for around 45 minutes while I took picture after picture. Her wings were so gorgeous, the way the scales shimmered. She was also very soft and tolerated me petting her - for a little while. When she flew, her wings were loud and sounded like a helicopter. She looked like and had the heft of a hummingbird. She was too big for me to get a full close-up photo, so the picture below is a photo merge that I did on photobucket. Look at how large her eye is!


I am an insect lover (silverfish and earwigs creep me out, but that's about it). Miss Pandorus took me over the top.

Kendall's capture


Dana @ Lil Family Blog said...

I'm an insect lover too.... I draw the line at maggots though. (Maggots are my nemesis). I have an adorable tattoo that is a line of ants!
Lovely photos!

Emily said...

Beautiful! Sometimes moths kind of creep me out, but this one is lovely!

Unknown said...

I'm an insect lover too although initially they might freak me out! What beautiful photos.

janis said...

simply gorgeous! I had a HUGE beige one (about 4 inches) on my porch but got terrible pictures with my phone, by time I ran in to get the real camera & back out, she/he had flown away.
I too love the insects & get teased by my family for always saving them♥

Lois Evensen said...

Your daughter did a good job getting that image!

Unknown said...

I love certain types of insects and this is one of them, so pretty!

Ashley said...

You are giving me a new appreciation of bugs right now, especially since 4 of them can't seem to leave me and my house alone (ants, flies, cockroaches, and black widows, haha). Honestly, the pictures are gorgeous. I had no idea that there were moths that big!

Unknown said...

What beautiful colors! Nature is amazing. I can't believe she let you touch her. I could so see this as a fabric pattern.

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