Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mr Rogers Redux, Knitting Progress

Mr. Rogers Redux

Still watching Mr Rogers Neighborhood with William and I'm realizing that I was not all that observant when I was a child. He wore another cabled sweater today, this one in the aforementioned powder blue, cabling along the zipper, same collar, but this one has cables down the sleeves. I have to say that when I was a kid I was more interested in whether Lady Elaine would be on the show and if Picture Picture was going to show us anything and whether there was going to be a field trip. I have to reveal that part of the modern day interest stems from Mr McFeeley and the Purple Panda visiting my elementary school when I was in the second grade (my mom brought them to town for the Easter Seals telethon - I got to hold King Friday!!).

These are the sweaters I remember - nice and plain and red!

Anyhow, have been thinking about how I would construct a Mr Rogers inspired sweater. The yarn in his sweaters is just too bulky and makes the sweaters look dated; I'd probably go with a sport weight yarn (I have never been a fan of the bulky sweater). I would have to add the darts to shape the sweater as previously mentioned. And as for a color, so I remain true to the inspiration and use a red or blue, or do I make it in something more modern, like a sage? Am still puzzling over that one. Anyhow, I have the idea, just need the yarn and the time!

Knitting Progress

Have been searching for jobs, probably the most demoralizing experience in the world, next to blind dates. You may have guessed that I'm not having much luck. Anyhow, I've not had much time to knit. I occassionally visit Ravelry and daydream over yarn at knitting sites, but I'm mostly glued to job boards, classified ads, and keeping my ear to the ground for job leads. Kendall's leg warmers are coming along, although she may have to settle for one completed one and one IOU for a birthday present. I'd much rather be knitting, but haven't found a way to parlay that into a significant money maker, so what are you going to do?

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