Monday, June 16, 2008

New Knitting Websites

Planet Purl

Planet Purl is a new website by Beth Moriarty, a knitting fanatic and world traveler who realized after doing countless web searches that it was nearly impossible to find information regarding yarn stores, knitting events, etc around the world in an easily searchable form. She founded a website that not only solves these problems (with a worldwide knitting store feature, travel guides, and events listing) but also hosts knitting blogs and forums, reviews yarns and gadgets, and includes knit-alongs and patterns.

Sweaters on Mr. Rogers


I was watching Mr Rogers today with the rugrat. I am a huge fan, always have been. Anyhow, he was wearing the greatest sweater! A cardigan (of course) with cabling on each side of the zipper with a knit 1 purl 1 waist in a soft grey, collar like the sweater above. There was no cabling on the arms, though. Really cool! I never remember Fred Rogers wearing anything more than a stocking stitch cardigan in powder blue or red. I stand corrected! Am thinking of adapting the sweater and placing some darts to make it more fitted (lots of inspiration from Knitting Daily for that one). You never know where your inspiration will come from, so you?

Twist Collective

Every knitter that I know is excited about this one. Twist Collective is a webzine that launches August 1st (45 days and counting). It will feature how-to articles, reviews, and most importantly, patterns for download. No one knows if we will be charged for the downloads (I'm thinking we will), but from what I have seen, they will be worth it. If you go to the website now, you will see teaser photos of the upcoming patterns. I, for one, want to make them all!

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