Saturday, September 27, 2008

Crazy Times

Does your life ever get crazy? I'm sure it does, there's just too much to do and not enough time to do it. Well, my life has been crazy over these last few weeks. A few things that have happened:

1. The boyfriend, while extremely nice and respectful, had driven Kendall senseless and whenever we suggested that she spend time with her family without the boyfriend, she became not-so-nice and very disrespectful. It was very, very stressful. But she has come back to her senses (as much as a 15-year-old girl can) and has been much better. She is going to Homecoming tonight - I have a kid who is going to Homecoming! She also has a skating competition coming up in October, so there have been many trips back and forth to the rink.

2. My friends had a baby. I took them a roast and spent an hour holding this new, sweet baby. The maternal stirrings were quite strong, I must tell you. She is so tiny - I can't remember Will being that little and he was a preemie (so he was smaller). Now Will is climbing, walking, and generally becoming a daredevil. If you turn your back on him at the park he will climb the slide to the top in no time flat. My baby became a toddler. We are also dealing with the pleasant new biting, slapping, and headbutting skills he has developed, but I have to say that compared to other babies I have known he's not that terrible. Just keep him fed and put him to bed when he's tired and William is a happy happy boy.

My baby then

My toddler now

3. Our plumbing has been fixed! We no longer have a waterfall in the basement, and, from what I can see from the old plumbing, narrowly avoided a devastating flood. To save some money I ripped down the drywall covering the ceiling while singing the Chaka Khan version of "I'm Every Woman" (not really, but it makes a nice visual). Our plumber, a man we go to church with, was excited to work on a house with all copper plumbing (we kept it to recycle). The problem with copper, though, is that it rots with oxidation and time. Just touching the U-pipe coming out of the bath tub made it crumble - imagine draining your tub and all of the water ending up in the ceiling above your basement. Yes, it is a terrifying thought, I know. But that has all been taken care of and we now have non-oxidizing PVC pipes (and the ability to use the bath tub - yipee!).

4. Tim's leg has been acting up. I told you how he went out and bought a motorcycle despite my unhappiness regarding said purchase; well, every time he rides the bike his bum knee hurts for days afterwards to the point of moaning and wincing and general loss of function (and not in a wimpy sort of way). He finally admitted to me that he isn't ready to ride. There's only been one time that he's been on the bike that he hasn't been terrified that someone was going to hit him, so there are some psychological issues to work out as well. What that means for Honey is still up in the air, but for now she's back in the garage taking up the space where my car used to go. Yes, I have some issues with "the other woman" as well!

The official Suzuki photo of Honey

Then there's volunteer work, housework, cooking (which I've been a bit off on lately - yucky risotto, not so great chicken and dumplings, etc - although I could be being too hard on myself as I got great feedback for all of the above), my new addiction to building houses on The Sims, laundry (it is amazing how much laundry 5 people make in a week!), not getting enough sleep and walking through the day in a fog, etc, etc, and there's not enough time!

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