Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Post Finally!

I can't believe that I wrote my last post in September; I have been totally slacking off with the old blog (just to let you know how much I've been slacking, I wrote this post on 10/16/08, but posted it only today). Have been busy as usual with all my motherly, wifely, and home-owner duties, and also spent some time in Columbus with my parents (which I shall write about later). I was a little shocked to have to go through 550 new emails (of course only about 25 of them were important). But am back now, with a new, fervent commitment to post. Until, of course, I get too busy again.

Fall has come in full force to Ohio; the changing colors of the trees are beautiful this year. Kendall and I noticed this especially during a ride down OH 33-W to a church outing at Marmon Valley Farms. If you live in Northwest Ohio and would like to spend some good, old-fashioned, quality time with the family, I highly recommend it. There are trail rides for $25 (special rates for families of 4 or more), pony rides for $5 per half-hour, a really fun hay ride (Will was buried up to his waist by the time it was over and I'm still trying to extract all of the hay from my tote bag), lots of friendly farm animals (and if cats are your thing, tons of lovable farm cats), picnic and play areas, all in all, a really nice day.

Kendall leaves for the trail

It was so fun to watch Will toddle around from animal to animal. He was fascinated by the chickens, though a little startled by their loud crowing, didn't want to quit petting the donkey's nose, and was especially fond of the pigs, a fact that he firmly established by sticking his finger up a pig's snout and squealing with delight. The pig, thankfully, was non-plussed.

Will makes some new friends

My daughter had a wonderful time at Homecoming, her first real dance. It has made me reminisce about my high school dances. One year, I won the 45 (remember those?) "If It Isn't Love," a new song at the time by New Edition (remember them?). The prizes were being handed out by my best friend's crush, who totally treated her like a dog (funny how we put up with that nonsense). Anyhow, she was angry at me all evening for getting to move into the proximity of Robert, said crush. But she was over it the next day. "If It Isn't Love" was one of the first songs that made it onto my iPod. Ahh, youth.

Patrick, Kendall, Ashley, and JT gussied up for the big dance

My baby is currently pulling frantically at my arm for attention (he also needs a bath), so I suppose I must end and be mommy. Will wax poetic about my hometown visit soon.

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