Thursday, April 2, 2009

Miscellaneous Tidbits

Tonight we are eating beans and franks. No, every night is not fantastic food night around here. But you have to admit that beans and franks are darn good.


Kendall had a skating competition earlier this month (on the 14th, to be exact). She placed 4th out of 11 other girls in her level. I am such a proud mom. She is developing grace and poise and I am continually amazed by the new things that she is able to do on the ice (since I can't even stand up!). I have watched the video of her performance a thousand times in proud mother fashion. I tried to upload it for your enjoyment, but YouTube is not cooperating.

Gotta love this picture of my skating queen

I believe that my baby Will is beginning to take an interest in knitting! Again, so proud! When I knit around him, he must always have a pair of his own knitting needles, and he tries to help by poking his needles into what ever I'm knitting. Yes, it slows the progress, but if I can encourage a future knitter, so much the better!

Collin has ended his YMCA basketball season and is going to start his next basketball season next week. The boy is a basketball monster. Always dribbling a ball, pretending to make free-throws, playing one-on-one down at the courts at the park. It would be nice if there was any length of time where I am not ferrying about two kids to different sporting events while trying to chase a toddler around the sports complex. However, I don't think that day is coming anytime soon, and the kids are so good at their respective sports, so I suppose I should become used to being a taxi driver/cheerleader/nanny.


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