Sunday, April 5, 2009

Two Great Knitting Knitting Magazines, Fun Fugly Site

Two Great Knitting Magazines

Do you often look at the sweaters, accessories, etc. in some knitting magazines and think "Who in the world would wear something that shlumpy and unstylish and, well, ugly?" I do. This is why I am always happy when a new edition of Interweave Knits and Vogue Knitting comes out because these are my tried and trues, the magazines that always have stylish, beautiful knits. So imagine my happiness when I happened upon the Vogue Knitting publication Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine and Verena Knitting!

Debbie Bliss Magazine is light, airy, and when you look at the pages you can almost feel springtime. The projects are sophisticated and stylish and you will wish that you had the time to knit all of the home accessories: the Garter Stitch Blanket on page 57 and the amazing cabled afghan (page 45) make me wish there was more time in the day. This magazine is well worth the $7.99 (I know - ouch!) as you could knit the projects for years to come.

Verena Knitting is apparently Europe's top knit magazine (I know because it says so on the cover). Stateside editions have been adapted for American use; you won't see tons of ads for British yarn stores and the like (which is kind of a bummer, I have such a good time reading British Country Living, one of my favorite magazines, and devouring the ads). The patterns, though! The Leafy Bower sweater is simply gorgeous, the cardigan Old-Fashioned Girl is sublime. I also particulary enjoyed the "Go For Glamour" feature as I would love to have any of the sweaters in my closet. Verena sells for $6.99.

Photobucket's anton168 submitted this pic of a knit from a past Verena magazine. Look at that lace! Can you stand it?

Fun Fugly Site

O.K. Before we begin, I suppose we should establish what the term "fugly" actually means. You know when you are reading People Magazine or The Enquirer (admit it, you read it) and you see pictures of celebrities wearing incredibly hideous outfits and you think to yourself, "A blind monkey could dress me better than that," but the outfits are supposed to be fabulous by virtue of the person wearing them? That's fugly fashion. Fabulously ugly fashion. Think top model Agyness Deyn or maybe , just maybe Paris Hilton. Go Fug Yourself is a blog that discusses all things fugly, repeated asks "um, what?", and really is fun to read. Plus it's full of a lot of fabulous people that obviously don't have blind pet monkeys to dress them.


She usually looks incredible, but sorry SJP, this is just fugly!

O.K. So I'm a little snarky. I'm sorry, SJP, I love you and want to be you. But... well... um... what?!? You would have done much better with the "Celebrity" on page 32 of Verena magazine.


Just as an update, I am about a quarter done with the back of my Michael Kors Cardigan. I love knitting this. It looks like it would be complicated, what with all the cables and the shawl collar and the like, but it's really been quite fun, I've only dropped 2 stitches (!!!!), and I will be so Vogue when I wear it! More pics when I'm a little further along.


me said...

I'm glad you explained what fug means, as I always thought it was the "F" word as an adjective! Your explaination is much funnier! thanks for the websites - I enjoyed your blog today - I saw it on my "Google Alerts - Knit Sweaters" daily email.

Erin Wallace said...

I enjoy writing the site and am so stoked that you found me on Google! It's kind of like when Steve Martin said he knew he was famous when he was an answer in the New York Times Crossword - o.k., not that big, but cool nonetheless! Thanks so much for reading.

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