Tuesday, December 8, 2009

7 Things I Love

Over on Bloom, there was a wonderful post about the 7 things that the author loves. It was such a wonderful post that I wanted to do one myself. I am then supposed to tag 7 people and ask them to write the same post.

If you are reading, consider yourself tagged.



Especially ones that you don't expect, like these beautiful ones along the highway. In gorgeous swags of color that go on for miles. As a gardener, I've tried and tried to make my garden look natural, but I think God has the upper hand as a designer.



Innocence and laughter and giggles over silly things that adults just don't understand. Delighted discovery of those things that are old hat to us old-folk. Seeing the world with new, unjaded eyes. Glee. Boundless energy. Huge hearts full of love.

Baby Feet


I don't know why, but I love little baby toes. This little piggy moments with Will are sublime. And even as he nears three, I still love eating those feeties. I figure someday when he is 16 and has huge stinky feet I'll wonder what I was doing, but for now, I love those little toes.



If I had lived in Puritan Salem, I'm pretty sure I would have been crushed by rocks or burned at the stake, because I am just a cat magnet. I love them and feel a kinship with them. How could you not love this guy, my puffy, snuggly Linus with freckles on his nose? Or kitty purrs and arched backs waiting to be scratched? Yep, they'd think I was a witch.

Country Churches


There's just something serene about them. Even old, abandoned churches. My heart leaps every time I come across one I haven't seen before.



Nothing warms my heart more than the precocious little nuthatch jumping down the side of a tree looking for his next meal.



Apple, pumpkin, peanut butter, pecan, raspberry, peach; I love pie!


Whitney said...

ooo! I love the things you love:) I just posted some of the things I love if you wanna peak at it. Nice meeting you!

Magnolia Handspun said...

Oh this is lovely..I didn't know you posted this...so glad I came by, the first shot is breath taking wildfowers..mmm.
and I love the baby feet...and the nut hacth. Oh, I love them all beautiful post, thank you for sharing.

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