Friday, February 19, 2010

A Spring Sort of Mind

I've been thinking of the spring trees lately. Magnolias, flowering cherries, peaches and plums. I have been in a spring sort of mind.


I guess I've been in a sort of pink frame of mind. It's better than wallowing in the winter doldrums that have been plaguing me.


Winter has always been difficult for me. Not enough sunshine, cabin fever, all that. But having this to look forward to makes it a little easier.


Because who doesn't love the smell of magnolias, the waft of lilacs as you walk by?


Who doesn't smile and feel a little fuzzy about bees, heavy with nectar from the mock orange, days laying in the grass with the heady spring breeze?


So I will stay in a spring sort of mind - a time of renewal, a time of love, a time of new hope, a time of resurrection.


All photos on We Heart It.


Stacy said...

Beautiful! The trees are beginning to bloom around here, and it is lovely.

Karen said...

Oh, how absolutely lovely. Many thanks for the cheering photos!

Cora said...

You're killing me with all this spring! I love the colors and the beauty of it all! Can't wait! :0)

Have a blessed weekend my friend!

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