Monday, August 9, 2010

August Break: Mural


Columbus's Short North is full of murals: trains, the old Central Station, this painting by hometown hero George Wesley Bellows, but this amazing take on American Gothic was one of the first and is still my favorite.


I am finding that using my Brownie may be more costly than I ever imagined. There is a manufacturer of B&W film for $7.99 (color is discontinued and is currently $12 - $14), but developing at most labs is HIGH - like $75 A Roll! If I developed the film on my own, I'd have to spend about $45 on chemicals, but then to get the photos on film I'd need an enlarger, and don't even get me started on how expensive they are! I don't have a photo scanner, nor do I want to purchase one. If I can find a developer who doesn't want a kidney to develop my film I'll get some B&W film and have about 12 snaps (and I could experiment with dual exposure, which would be cool). So, the moral of the story is that if you are going to buy a film camera, buy one that takes 35mm film, unless you have a magical money tree in your backyard. Who'd have thought a $6 camera could cost so much!


Emily said...

Hm, sorry to hear about the camera issue. It's still a really cool find! This is like a Victorian era type camera I'm assuming?

Bonnie said...

wow! $75 dollars a roll, my heart just stopped - and not in a good way. My Diana F+ takes 120 film, but I don't spend more than $10 to get it developed (just put it on a cd and I normally don't get the hard copies until after I've seen how they turn out). I had NO idea the film you needed costs that much to process. At least the brownie is a good lookin' camera to just sit pretty on a shelf.... :)

Hope you have a lovely Monday!!


Alyssa S. said...

It really is amazing how quickly the shift from traditional film to all digital happened. When we wanted to transfer a bunch of old APS film cartridges to CD, we had to pay a camera shop a small fortune to do it. We were afraid that if we didn't do it now that we might never be able to retrieve any of the old pics off of them that we no longer have in hard copy.

LOVE that mural too. Very creative take on it!

~Christina said...

Thanks for following from last Thursday's hop.I luv murals there is something so very interesting and thought provoling about them.

see ya soon, I won't be a stranger.

Anonymous said...

I have been downtown Cbus many times but haven't seen that yet - I hope to see it someday, it looks awesome!

and flowers pick themselves said...

wow that is a lot. this photo is marvelous, though!

xo Alison

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning, and so inspiring to pass. There should definitely be more wall paintings like this... I think everyone would benefit :)
Love the shot in the post below. So touching.

Have a wonderful week!

Char said...

kodak makes a bn400 bw film that is developed on a color processor. it gives this cool bluish cast and i love it. i get mine developed straight to cd so i can upload it instead of scanning it.

Katie said...

Oh it is such a shame that film costs so much to develop when it looks beautiful! I hope you find a cheaper place soon!

Unknown said...

Yikes!!! I can't believe it costs $75 to develop a roll!!!
I took photography a looooong time ago and loved it... I swore one day I'd have a dark room... Now that I have a house... I couldn't tell you know to develop film anymore. LOL
Thanks for being one of my newest followers... I'm one of yours now. :)

Laurie said...

One of my favorite things about the Short North. I've always been in love with that painting. :-)

HRH Sarah said...

That's always the way~ "free" stuff is even more expensive!

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