Monday, August 30, 2010

Dining Room Dreaming

So you all know that I am perennially redesigning my house in my mind. Recently I've gotten back to what I'd like to do with the dining room when Collin moves out of it and it can be a dining room again. This time, I've been looking at Kitchen Tables that would fit into my eclectic, sort of vintage, especially Mid-Century Modern decorating scheme.


The Modus Hudson X-Base Dining Table fits into that whole groovy Mid-Century Modern scheme. I absolutely love the styling of it, although it may be a bit Too modern for my tastes.

The way I usually go with a dining room table is something well made, expandable (this one has a butterfly leaf), with a Shaker Style. This way the dining room table doesn't dominate the room and the focus can be on an amazing sideboard or piece of art. The Hillsdale Plainview Dining Table in Brown totally fits the bill.


I had to include this table because it is so elegant. Can you imagine having a candlelit dinner at this gorgeous piece of furniture? Unfortunately for this family, we need a larger table. Last Thanksgiving there were 10 of us, and I don't even have grandchildren yet! When I get my mansion with multiple dining areas, I'll definitely have to have the Hooker Furniture Linden Hill Round Dining Table.


And then I found it. The perfect amalgam of vintage look that is simple enough to fit into my MOM home and is just, well, beautiful (I must warn you, it has a beautiful price tag to match). I am telling you, the heavens opened and the angels sang to me when I saw the Stanley Hudson Street Warm Cocoa Riverside Oval Dining Table. Then I showed it to my daughter, who said "It looks like a table. I don't get it." Well, dear daughter, you don't have to get it. I am in love.


All of this goodness can be found on CSN, from whom I've always gotten great service and have become a loyal shopper. In about a week I will have a product to review for you (not sure what the product will be at this point, but am excited nonetheless). If you haven't shopped CSN, go and have a look around. They've got some wonderful things.


Anonymous said...

I like them all! I can't decide whether I prefer a rectangular or circular table... I think rectangular. But they're all great.

sara said...

That last table is fantastic...makes me wish I had a dining room.

Emily said...

I like the two middle tables best, but all of them are nice!

Megan // Honey We're Home said...

I almost got one like that first picture (I think I saw it at Crate & Barrel) for our breakfast room, but we ended up with something a bit more rustic with benches. It's so hard to decide!

Laurie said...

I love every all I need is a dining room to put one in...

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

The last table is gorgeous...actually all of your choices are great. It would be hard for me to choose one. I swear, I need at least 3 homes (and a matching salary) to support my indecision sometimes :)
Great blog.

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