Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Boring What's Going on Post

I had the day off of PHP yesterday (and today) and didn't do much until 1:00, then it was RUN RUN RUN!


We got a food card because I am a starving artist even though I technically have a job with a payment guarantee and everything. And Tim is disabled but thus far has been denied disability (we have a lawyer now). You may know the feeling of being able to go to the store and actually buying everything you need (and a few things you don't) after struggling to come up with money for basics like milk and cereal. It's a great feeling. I made a pot roast in the old pressure cooker for dinner last night (put everything in, get the cooker indicator up to cook, and cook 8 - 10 minutes per pound of beef). It was totally something indulgent that we wouldn't have had the money for if not for our food card. And it was really good!

Took Kendall to the podiatrist and her bunion surgery has healed up enough that she can start skating again in 2 weeks - I only have two more weeks where I'm not a skater mama - Lord help me! Her feet are two different sizes now (a 5 and a 7) so we're not sure how she's going to even skate with the skates that she's got. All that is nothing, though, compared to her excitement of getting back on the ice.

(At this point, I made that totally awesome roast and did the dishes).


I'm still pretty worn out, but I'm able to get a lot more done than I have been. I'm not pushing myself as much. I totally pushed myself to the edge trying to be super housewife/writer/photographer/mommy. If I'm tired, I lay down (or just sit). If I'm getting nervous, I breathe. I'm getting good at deep cleansing breathes.

Today I take Will for a speech therapy evaluation (he has his own gobbeldygook language that we all have problems understanding). Then I get to make dinner and not have to come up with something crazy and thrown together from the disparate ingredients in my cabinets. I'm thinking chicken and dumplings or chili or maybe even pizza! Having food is a nice thing.


Char said...

having food is a nice thing and too many people take that for granted in an area that is rich as ours. i'm so glad that you got the food card and the attorney. good luck with everything.

i love both chili and chicken & dumplings - plus both dishes get better with leftovers.

sara said...

Deep breaths are underrated. Husband makes me take them all the time and they really do give you that extra second you need.

Unknown said...

horray for food in your bellies! =)

beth said...

day to day is real....thank you for being so real and honest.....

Michelle said...

It's nice to get a glimpse in some of the day to day. I've so enjoyed getting to know some of my blogging friends. Continuing to hold you up in prayer.

Alyssa S. said...

I had my son evaluated over the summer for the same reason. I was paying for private speech therapy but had to discontinue when I went back to work (they are only open during hours when I'm at work) and then I discovered I could have him evaluated through the state's Early Childhood Intervention program. He qualified for their services (meaning, they decided he had enough of a communication problem to qualify) and now a therapist visits him at school to give him speech therapy. If you have a chance, you should look into it in your state. ECI services are provided until they reach age 3, then your local school district takes over and they have programs for the same services.

Laurie said...

Sometimes the day-to-day is the greatest blessing of all. Blessings to you and your family.

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