Friday, October 8, 2010

The great room re-do

So I'm going to be redesigning our dining room which was Collin's bedroom into a bedroom for William. Will is old enough that I looked at bed sets for his room that would be something he can use forever. So I browsed for inspiration and found a few amazing bed sets to share with you.


The Curt Christian Designs Parker Beacon Hills Sleigh Bedroom Set is So Nice! Nice enough that I think it would become mommy and daddy's bed and Will would get a hand-me-down bed! $2,684.00


I've always liked the idea of a platform bed - they are clean, usually come with built in storage, and the South Shore Copley Platform Queen Size Platform Bedroom Set with Two Storage Drawers also comes with a reasonable price tag to match - $354.98 for the queen bed and nightstand.


The classic metal bedstead will never go out of style. The American Drew Ashby Park Dark Copper Bedroom Set has a very classic line, isn't frilly like some metal beds, and comes in a nice copper finish. $997.50


The Arts and Crafts style will never lose its appeal and can really fit in with any decor (I think it'd look swell in my Mid-Century Modern abode). At $698.00, the Tradewins Arts and Crafts Bedroom Set in Chestnut is a moderately inexpensive and handsome bed which would be masculine enough when my baby becomes a bachelor (not too soon, please - stay 3 for lots longer!)

I'm hoping to do something along the French sleigh bed line - this is after I pull up the carpet, finish the subfloor, repaint, which shouldn't take any time at all, you know?! Will keep you updated with the progress of the great room re-do!


Cassandra Frear said...

The sleigh bed is a dream. I'm in love. I think.

Becky Jane said...

Love the sleigh bed...but then, I'm partial to Santa Claus! :o)

Unknown said...

Good luck! I really like the platform bed.

sara said...

love love love that sleigh bed. I want to totally curl up in that one.

The platform seems like the perfect boy bed, especially with all the extra storage.

Mary T said...

Love the first bed!

Claudia said...

i love to do redesigning in the house..getting creative
so i'm looking forward to when you show us the progress..curious me..

Laurie said... to choose? They're ALL beautiful! The A&C looks a lot like my bedroom suite. I've always wondered just how difficult it is to make a sleigh bed...

Ruth said...

Erin, those are beautiful rooms! Love them all.. thanks for posting..:)

Have a blessed weekend!!


ephemerette said...

That sleigh bed is pretty divine, Think I'd have to move all the rest of my furniture out if was in possesion of the beauty!

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