Monday, December 6, 2010

All random and inert

We went in for Tim's pre-admission testing this morning. Now we are in this stage of limbo. The whole process has started, but nothing is happening. In some surreal way, it seems that time is both flying and creeping along.



It's disconcerting for me, and I cant even imagine what Tim is going through. He is still terrified. He has nothing to compare this surgery to but his emergency trauma surgery in while they couldn't control his pain and he was in agony for weeks. The hope is that with this surgery a lot of his lower leg pain will cease almost immediately. Keeping my fingers crossed.


The house has changed. The older kids have gone to stay with their grandparents and William will stay with them Wednesday night. I like the quiet, but it adds to the surreal nature of the thing. That and the overwhelming fatigue that I am feeling. I have to believe that our lives will change for the better, though. It is all part of God's great plan; he has totally taken the driver's seat on this one.




Unknown said...

I am praying for your family. We too are going through difficult times and are just waiting and trusting God. There is a quiet peace though when you give it all to Him. I pray your husband finds that peace and that his surgery will be nothing like the emergency surgery he had. Please keep us up dated so we can keep praying for what you need.

Blogs said...

stay strong and your right...It's in God's hands...he is good! :Lot's of love babe:) xoxo

sara said...

Thinking about you guys...


Myrna R. said...

Erin, I know you and Tim will have the strength to withstand whatever lies ahead. I know that's not particularly comforting, sorry. Just know I send you good thoughts and positive energy. You are strong.

amanda {the habit of being} said...

praying for you both, wishing you much peace.

Stacy said...

The waiting must be so hard. Best wishes to both of you, I'm sending positive healing thoughts your way.

julochka said...

keeping fingers crossed that it will work out and praying to all of the various gods i can think of. :-) my husband went through unexpected shoulder pain a couple of months ago, so i know a little bit of how helpless and bewildering it is. thinking of you both!


Blogs said...

stopping by to see how your doing:) hope all is well ! let me know if you need anything
! xoxox

Lois Evensen said...


I hope all goes well for Tim and all of you. You must know there are many of us out here saying a prayer and thinking good thoughts for you.


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