Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Favorite Band/Musician: 30 Days About Me

I can't really say that through the entirety of my life I've had only one favorite artist. There are many that I love; how can I pick just one?

When I was a child it was pretty much all about Donna Summer, Fleetwood Mac, and The Beatles. The soundtrack to "Urban Cowboy" and "The Jazz Singer" were always on the top of my playlist, too.

Through my teen years, I was crazy in love with Bono. U2 was, bar none, the greatest band in the universe to me. But after "Joshua Tree" they changed their style and it was never the same for me. I wanted the angst, not the pop.

I learned to appreciate Earth, Wind, and Fire, Joni Mitchell (at the top of my list; she is a genius), Led Zeppelin, and jazz greats like Lee Morgan, Dave Brubeck, and Erroll Garner at that time. My mom took me on a musical journey away from pop and toward everything great. She's a music encyclopedia with great taste.

In college my roommate introduced me to the Indigo Girls (and she learned about Joni from me). I was developing a taste for folk that I carry to this day.

Nowadays, I have such eclectic tastes that if you put my iPod on shuffle you'll hear Jay-Z, Rubinstein, Justin Timberlake, Iron and Wine, Zero 7, Luciana Sousa, Yassou N'Dour, Coldplay; the list goes on and on. Oh, and the Beasties Boys! I LOVE the Beastie Boys.

I've always dreamed about owning a radio station that plays everything, all genres, just as long as it's good music.

How about you? What is your favorite band or artist? Is there someone sort of obscure but great that you love? Tell me about them - I love to discover great new music!
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Zabrinah said...

Oh man! Donna Summer! That brings me back! Love love love Donna Summer!


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