Sunday, October 2, 2011

Guess what I got this Friday??

Do you want to know??

It's very exciting!

But it isn't a Cartier Love Bracelet

and now that I'm thinking about it, I don't know why I don't have one, save the $4000 price tag.

It wasn't a troll doll
Or a Thomas Kincaid decorative plate

It wasn't a Goldendoodle

which was the dog I really wanted

No Dodge Viper (which I wouldn't want anyway; I'd rather have a station wagon)
And not a beret

I didn't get a poster for my Beiber fever (his hair is so dreamy! KIDDING!)

Or a shot glass from Planet Hollywood Name-Your-City
I DID get a migraine, but that sucks, so it doesn't count

No one gave me an AMC Pacer


or named a star after me
and I didn't get a Kindle (again, why not!)




If you doubt the exciting nature of this moment, you haven't gone without internet access for 6 months, trying to blog from your phone. I haven't figured out how to set up our wireless internet, but who cares!!! I'm on a computer, in my home, writing a post! With CABLE TV in the background. Please! My brain is melting out of my ear and my geek level just shyrocketed (especially after the Dr Who marathon I watched yesterday - the Twin Streams facility episode was beyond brilliant, and the cybermen were back! And - SPOILER ALERT - The Doctor IS MARRIED! Could little Time Lords be on the way?!)

Okay, I'm going to turn my geek level down a notch before I turn into Sheldon Cooper. So I have no more excuses for non-existant blog posts or not knowing what is happening on Dancing With the Stars (except that I don't watch it). Yay Internet! I love you!


Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...

Yay!!!! I understand it is VERY hard to enjoy the blog world from a phone xox

Katiebee said...

oh yeah for you!!!!! we live without cable, but i would lost without internet!

Rebecca Dot Com said...

yay for internet!!! :)

Christina Majaski said...

I've wanted that Cartier bracelet forever, but I'd definitely choose internet if I had to pick. I'd be lost for sure.

D'Ann Hedges said...

Oh gosh, yes internet over all the above for sure! I could not imagine blogging from my phone. That would be painful.

Sarah @ 90 Percent Blonde... said...

Yay!!! We went a year with just our cellphones and it sucked! Good thing Beau started online classes which gave us a reason to get DSL!

PS: I'm here from the LB tea party and I love your blog!!!

Happy Monday!
Sarah @

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