Friday, October 2, 2009

Balls and balls of yarn; Sweater progress

Balls and balls of yarn

Spent most of the day unraveling sweaters and creating balls of yarn. From there, I use my skein measuring thing (for lack of a better term, which is nothing more than a salvaged piece of wood with 2 nails, one 1/2 a yard away from the other. Then they get washed, get put on the drying rack, turned into pretty hanks, and then listed on my etsy store Howard Knits!


A sweater in progress - yummy orange cotton!


My very knitterly looking basket of yarn balls.


My measuring thingy. Right now, it's 1/2 yard. I think I'll make another one that is a yard long.


Yarn drying after being washed


The finished product!

Sweater Progress

Yes, I'm still working on the Micheal Kors Cardigan. I, like most knitters, suffer from a bit of knitters ADD and get distracted easily by patterns I must try and yarns I must knit with. I've started to knit socks, made a few hats, etc. But it's coming along. I now have the right front knit and am very close to finishing the left front. I also found some great leather covered buttons in my sewing stash that will give it the proper collegial feel that I am going for. I will get it done - promise!

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