Saturday, October 17, 2009


My mom took me to the thrift stores on the West side of Columbus to buy sweaters. She called it her investment in my business. Anyhow, I have a HUGE amount of sweaters to work with now, all with medium to large gauge yarns (except the exceptional 2-ply cashmere men's sweater in a robin's egg blue that I just couldn't pass up. I love cashmere. I do want to marry it.) Anyhow, I'm flush with sweaters with amazing yarn for a LONG time.

Will kept jumping on my pile of sweaters and rolling around like a cat in the catnip

I am currently unraveling a black angora blend sweater that leaves me covered in tiny black fuzzies. I look like sasquatch when I'm done working. But I can't pass up a soft as a cloud angora. And I'm an unraveling addict now. It's so sad because I have no time for knitting now. Which is one of the signs of addiction - you give up things that you love to partake in what you are addicted to. I'm terribly dysfunctional. You should run.


Kitty said...

Ohhhh... That does sound like a whole lot of fun! Minus the fuzzies, of course. How did you get into recycling yarn? What gave you the idea?

Erin Wallace said...

I got the idea on Ravelry in the Cheap Knits group. I thought "I could do that with great yarns and resell them." Then when I went to etsy I found that others were doing it, too, so there is a market for recycled yarn. So I'm raising a little cash doing it (I actually haven't broke even, yet, but I remain hopeful). And it's fun and I can be a SAH mom!

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