Thursday, January 13, 2011

Off Balance

Hello all! The last week has been a crazy one here at the homestead. A stomach flu that has affected all of Marysville crept into our house and caused much unrest and other unmentionable and uncomfortable moments followed by the furnace dying at 8:00pm on a Friday. Apparently this same problem was plaguing many of our fine citizens as the furnace repairman couldn't make it to our house until 1:30 pm on Tuesday. Much firewood was used, we all huddled under blankets, and space heaters arrived from any of our friends that could spare one. Nevertheless, it was too cold in most of our house to do much of anything, so laundry, dishes, cooking, and all manner of housework was abandoned in favor of a spot in front of the fire, preferably under a blanket cuddling with someone warmer.

All of it has left me feeling a little off balance. All has passed, but my practice of everyday photography has stopped as I just can't figure out what to take pictures of in a barren winter, my blogging has suffered with my inability to come up with something interesting to relate, and I am feeling inert and sluggish. I am not depressed, which is a blessing, but I think that anyone looking at me from the outside would wonder if I was. Oh, and after heaving with the stomach flu for four days, my diet went completely out the window, though I have lost 8 pounds even with the gaining I've done over the last few days.


On the positive, I scored a free ticket to SheCon '11, which is about the most thrilling thing in the world to me. So I've got to get the old tookus in gear with my etsy store so that I can afford the trip, lodging, and food for the conference While I'd love to stay at the conference resort, I don't think that will be within my budget (I'd need around $1000), as it is, finding a decent hotel in Fort Lauderdale for a business traveler in May will be tricky.


So, here are the questions of the day:

What motivates you when you've reached a totally un-motivatable state?

What photography skills should I be working on this winter?

How do I get to SheCon? You should know that the only card we own is a debit card. Also, getting a job at Family Dollar isn't totally out of the question. Oh, and how long does it take to drive from Ohio to Fort Lauderdale?

So that's the news from the Homestead. Hope it reaches you stomach flu free and toasty warm.


LaVonne said...

I have no idea what SheCon is. I will have to hop over to that link. I will send some positive thoughts your way today ;)


The Single Nester said...

I have pity parties of one where I can't get motivated about a dang thing. When you find out how to get motivated, pass it on . . .

Myrna R. said...

So sorry you've been sick. Glad you're not depressed and very glad you're going to SheCon. (I for one will be thinking positively for you.) Don't have any concrete ideas, but just want you to go.

Char said...

a road trip to FtL would be fun if you could take the time. i know for sure that it is 13 hours from Montgomery, Alabama to Ft. Lauderdale as I've driven it before. so... now how far from Ohio to Montgomery? about the same?

Michelle said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear that you all have been sick and furnace problems in the winter. We've been spared the furnace problems in the winter but have suffered through more than a couple of AC out in the summer. Upsets like this can take awhile to recover from but you will bounce back!

Anonymous said...

Hey, lost weight is lost weight :) Good luck with the trip. I don't know how that is, but the best to you anyways! I'm almost done with my 2nd scarf, so a hat should be in the future, in which I need your brain :) I need a stupid person knitting lesson!
xoxox~ Ashley E

Mama Kayla said...

These pictures are outstanding!! I've been following for some time now and have admired your work since.

HRH Sarah said...

where's the link to your etsy store??? I live in Richmond, VA- you can stop here on your way to Ft Lauderdale and we can discuss knitting and such!

Glory to God said...

Erin -

The only question I think I can answer is, "What motivates you when you've reached a totally un-motivatable state?"

I think spending more time with God and changing my surroundings. The first is manageable. The second, not so much.

Hope everyone is feeling better. God bless!

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