Friday, January 14, 2011

What? Knitting content?

I know. It's been an inordinately long amount of time since I posted anything about knitting on my formerly knitting blog. But guess what, knitty friends? I'm writing a knitting post! This is all brought on by the fact that I joined Golden Bird Knits' 2001 New Techniques Knit Along and am feeling that urge to pick up the sticks again. She's having a giveaway right now; go check out her site and become a follower (and the KAL is on ravelry).

Anyhow, I have never knit a pair of socks that properly fit me. My calves are genetically large and I have a very very very high arch. So when I go to put on my knitted socks I (a) can't get my foot into them and/or (b) constrict all of the blood in my calves to the point that my foot looses all circulation. I Want to knit a pair of socks I actually like! And in the process, I'll practice a few techniques.


Crystal Palace Yarns has a really cool pattern for entrelac socks that uses two single pointed needles. The Mini Mochi Entrelac sock pattern offers me a chance to learn entrelac and also learn a new sock making technique. The ravelry reviews on this sock have said that it is a large sock, which fits my huge calve needs, too. And it's so darn cool looking, and would give me an opportunity to use some of the self striping yarn that I have.

This pair of kilt hose was knit by Ravelry member mrsmcg

Then there's the Tiorneach Kilt Hose. They have a lovely lace edge which hides a garter to hold up the sock. The calves are ample and the pattern uses DK weight yarn. I have some cashmere blend Karabella yarn that I've been holding onto forever, waiting for the right pattern, and I think this might be it. And I like the "seam" detail that runs up the back of the hose. This pattern was designed for man legs and can also be modified, so I'm thinking they just might fit me.

So what do you think? What pattern do you fancy? I'm not sure which to start with, so let me know what you think!


Claudia said...

wow - they are beautiful - both of them - think i like the brown ones more though. this is artwork -not just

Anonymous said...

ARG! I want those socks!@!! can an idiot knitter make those? :) OK so Im hosting a hop with random craftiness, so come and show your stuff, and maybe make some money for your trip ;) xoxo

Char said...

love those and i do love the lacey hem on them

Stacy said...

Thanks for the shout out, Erin! Here is a link to more information about the KAL if anyone is intersted:

Those Entrelac socks are amazing. I'm going to check out the patttern. And I know what you mean about big calves ... same problem here.

Katiebee said...

i've been wanting to try interlac~ so i would pick those! i stopped by golden bird, what a cute blog~
hope everyone is healthy over your way~

stringsofpurls said...

The Entrelac look so fun! And warm! Hope you are well. Spring will be here soon!

mrs mediocrity said...

Love the entrelac pattern. Gorgeous!

Sharon said...

I'm personally not a fan of thick socks, but I would do the kilts socks just to learn how to do that seam detail. The entrelac technique is cool--but on socks?

abbiejsmith said...

Ok, seriously. I need to pick up something and knit. Reading this reminds me how much I miss it!! Beautiful socks!

Romina said...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by, following you back. I will be exploring your blog for more knitting content. I don't knit, yet, but would really like to take it up. I look forward to reading more from you and getting inspired.

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