Monday, January 3, 2011


Hey there, kiddies, and welcome to 2011! So did you make a New Year's Resolution? I never, ever have. This year, however, I have started to diet. Yes, die with a T, as Garfield says. The truth is, I really am at an unhealthy weight and I've begun to feel it. Shortness of breath, borderline high blood pressure, all that badness. So the diet has begun.
Actually, my husband and I struck up an agreement. He has used chewing tobacco since he was 13. He wants to quit but it's a difficult thing to quit nicotine. I know that I need to lose weight and it will make me feel better. So the agreement is that hubs quits the tobacco and I lose weight. We are accountable to each other and that makes it easier for both of us.
Sooo, I'm on a diet. I actually started it New Year's Eve, but it was totally destroyed by the bottle of champagne that I drank (totally worth it!). Now the plan is healthier eating, counting the points, avoidance of simple carbohydrates and more meat, fruit, and veg. For three days, it's been going well; we had Swiss Steak tonight, pita chips are in the cupboard along with lots of healthy nuts and twigs, and the good thing is that I actually like everything that we are eating. I don't intend for this to become a diet blog, but I may keep you updated every once and a while as to how the agreement is going.
Oh, and I'm also getting out of the holiday rut and back into life as we know it. Laundry is getting done, cooking is happening, and look, I wrote a blog post! I've been actively posting to my Tumblr blog, so if you need another thing to add to your web cruising, check it out!

So how about you? Resolutions or not? Getting back to the old ho hum? Please do share!



sara said...

No resolutions for me...I never keep them!

But I would like to take better care of myself this year and stop putting my needs behind everyone else's. We'll see...

Good luck to you and the hubby...I'm sure you'll do great!

Jen said...

Congrats to you & hubs for making a lifestyle change. I am sure you both will be pleased with the results. Thought I'd stop by and say hello since it's been a little while. Cheers to the New Year!

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Katiebee said...

Good luck to you both! My resolution began before the new year~ i've been de-clutterin~ i see a huge garage sale in my future!

Myrna R. said...

Bood luck to you and hubby. Getting healthier is always a great goal.

Yes I have resolutions. They are similar to the ones I had last year. So, it means I didn't take myself seriously. I feel more determined now though and I hope I give myself the time to accomplish them all. Wish me luck.

Wende said...

Excellent resolutions! I admit, I don't do them. Instead I theme my year... and for some reason, the Universe brings lots of things "resolve" through the year that matches up with my theme. This year the theme is "presence".

Happy New Year! And best wishes on your resolutions!

Emily said...

I haven't made resolutions for several years, but this year I think I will. My husband has resolved to loose weight, which will motivate me to exercise more and eat healthier, and we can keep each other accountable. I think accountability is really the key in successful resolutions!
I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! I'm just getting back to blogging after our trip home to visit family and friends. It was nice to have a break.

Char said...

can't do resolutions - it is so brutal to be that hard on myself. but...i admire people that can do it. good luck with yours!

Anonymous said...

Oh I have tons of resolutions... Last year I had a 60% success rate. LOL. I figure if I have a lot of different goals and don't hit all of them, but still hit some of them, then it's still a success! :)

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