Monday, November 14, 2011

Yarn shopping plans and a kitchen update

So the dishwasher and garbage disposal or in BUT the dishwasher was plugged into the same line as the garbage disposal and, therefore, the dishwasher cannot be run unless the disposal is on, too.  It will be fixed very soon, I am assured.  So today I had to do a HUGE load of dishes by hand.  I also have been engulfed in moving around everything in the kitchen since I lost a large cabinet and drawer and have to find a place to put all of the displaced bowls and mixing spoons.  The kitchen is still a bit typhoonish, so no picture yet.

I also was given the green light to go YARN SHOPPING(!) Hubs is letting me go buy expensive yarn store yarn for a few Christmas presents.  I am so excited!  I have a randomly striped scarf, ssimple pattern, in grey tones and a Jacques Cousteau hat in mind (but not in red, probably also in a coal or slate grey), but I can't say for whom.  I think I'm going to use Brown Sheep Company yarn, but of course I will have to check out all of my options!  I'm also involved in another project that I can't say a thing about but you can get details on Ravelry (I'm droppedstitches72, feel free to friend me!).  Will post some photos of YARN after I go shopping!

What are you knitting right now?  I'd love to know!


Katiebee said...

yarn shopping! oh the fun you'll have~ i shop in the columbus area for yarn, do you have a favorite yarn store in that area? as for projects, a sweater for my little grandson, mittens for my son and a hat for a baby grandgirlie~



Sarah @ 90 Percent Blonde... said...

Hopefully your dishwasher/disposal problem gets fixed soon! We don't have a dishwasher in the house we are currently in and it sucks!

Rachelle said...

ooh, yarn shopping. I can't do that for a while; too much yarn and too little money atm.
Projects, at the moment I'm knitting 4 things. A second sock for my husband for Christmas, a Central Park Hoodie for me, a jersey for youngest son and a Beekeepers Quilt which is a very long-term project.

Wende said...

Oh, I know those renovation woes all too well. We're finally back in our house after a three month stint in a hotel... but it's not finished.

Hope you can restore order to your world in short order!!

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