Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beauty from scrub brush/Will's hat

Beauty from scrub brush

I gave myself a photographic assignment this week. It was "Find beauty where there seems to be none." So I went to the edge of Mill Creek (the muddy creek that runs through Marysville) where there was just a bunch of scrub and rocks, and opened up my eyes. Here's what I found.

Red berries

Little vine

Strange black berries

Tree trunk

Black berries

Mossy rock

Rose hips

Will's hat

I also got Will's hat almost done - just have to make some cords fro the ear flaps. He actually likes it and is very protective of it. He even got angry when I tried to take pictures of it. Maybe his head will actually stay warm this winter! (by the way - this is supposed to be normal sized font, but blogger is not cooperating. Oh blogger, why must you vex me so?)

The (almost finished) hat

Will doesn't want me to take pictures him

Close-up of my improvised cable pattern

So that's mostly it for now. Am feverishly knitting scarves for a craft show we may be participating in. Luckily, it seems that chunky knits are the in thing, so I can crank out about two a day using 35 needles. Will share a few of my creations later (when I'm not quite so tired!).


Kitty said...

Why are hats on little ones so cute? Even the side of his head is so so cute! I love the hat- your improvised patterns are wonderful!

The photos are great, too! Just greatness, all over your blog. Well done!

Erin Wallace said...

Thank you so much, Kate! I think I will write this pattern down and post it here. It was amazingly easy but looks like it would take so much work! Also have to knit another of the first hat in the new cast-on and will publish this one, too. Am thinking of charging for this one but some of my blogger buddies might be able to get it for free . . . (just don't hold your breath - this one will be really difficult to write out - am going to have to go to my LYS for some help on this one).

Bhavna said...

Hi Erin,

What a lovely blog you have here. Nice pictures, great knits and wonderful write-ups. The hat is a beauty and the model is truly adorable.

Also thank you for visiting my blog and taking a moment to send a comment.


Roxanne said...

I love, love the hat! It's so perfect for those snowy days. I would make this for sure if you allowed up the pattern. Fantastic blog :)

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