Wednesday, November 11, 2009

William's Hat/Your Doctor Wants You To Knit

William's Hat

So I am knitting a new hat. This one is for William. The thing about being a toddler is that your head keeps getting bigger so the hat that fit last year is tiny this year. I've got it around half done. I'm knitting it on the round (yes, I'm using a circular again, and I have to tell you that the Susan Bates Velocity needles are so much nicer to knit with than the Clover) and I've kind of improvised a cable pattern that runs for around 5 inches and the rest will be a 4:2 rib. I'm not going to gather the top; instead I'm going to sew it shut in a straight line that will run from left to right. It will have ear flaps with ties, and I might put little pom poms on the corners of the top, but I'm not sure. I should have it done soon, just in time for the cold and me to take a picture of it to share with you and, of course, for William to refuse to wear it.

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Your Doctor Wants You to Knit

I have been knitting like a fool lately, in large part because it calms me down. You've seen the posts on Ravelry and news groups with titles like "Knitting Keeps Me Sane" and the like, and I can attest to it's Zen-like powers. Ever being the scientist I wondered about this, and if any studies had been done on the therapeutic powers of knitting. It turns out that none other than the Harvard Medical School Mind/Body Institute found that while people are knitting they actually can enter into a meditative state leading to a heart rate decrease of up to 11 beats per minute and a drop in blood pressure. Cool, huh? If you want to read more here's the press release from Lion Brand Yarns.


Kitty said...

You are just a hat knitting machine! I love it when I hear about the psychological effects of knitting. Sometimes when I'm knitting I'll realize that I'm *really* into it, and I'm really focused. It really does relax me! I love that my hobby actually makes me feel good!

Iron Needles said...

Well, I would have to say it depends on what I am knitting on whether I am acheiving any zen! Sometimes yes, sometimes no...

Our dog is a mix, rescued from the local shelter by The Guy (after his X of 22 years left, his dog died, before he got laid of of his job of 20 years.) She really is the Best Dog Ever.

He and I both know the power of the phrases I shared in the previous comment.

Erin Wallace said...

I've realized for a long time that knitting calms me down better than anything I have ever done. There are exceptions to this - if I'm knitting something complicated with directions that are too difficult to memorize, then I find it difficult to reach my Zen point. But then there are those times when I realize I'm clicking away and everything else around me has disappeared. Those are good times.

Iron - your dog looks like a sweetie. If we get a dig I will most likely go to the pound and get an older dog. I just want a mild mannered sweetie. Have been thinking quite a bit about those phrases. They really cut to the point. Thanks again.

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