Monday, November 23, 2009

Quick post today - getting ready to make PIES!!! For those of you interested, I am on the final crown decreases on my cabled hat and should post the pattern tomorrow. Now time for Old Family Photos!


This is my great grandmother Elizabeth Vawters with her fishing lode. She instilled a great love of fishing into the entire Vawters family, and I think it's genetic as I love to fish, too. My grandfather started taking me fishing when I was a little thing, so little that I don't remember the first time, and he was my fishing partner until he couldn't fish anymore.


She also was supposed to be an amazing gardener. My mom told me that she regularly took slips of flowers from cemeteries, grew large rose bushes from rose hips that she put under Mason jars to protect in the winter, and had a large medicinal herb garden that she made cures from on a regular basis. The green thumb gene seems to be passed down as well, although no matter how hard I've tried, I have never been able to accomplish the rose hip to rose bush trick.


My great grandfather Andy Vawters took a pretty active role in the garden as well. His perennial enemies were squirrels, which he called "tree rats" and stalked with a b. b. gun. They ate the fruit from his trees, you see. I've heard a story that he once was working on an area of the garden and accidentally killed a baby bunny; he cried for days. I guess the bunnies could eat the flowers and veggies, but no fruit eating on his watch!


Emily said...

I love your old photos and the stories of your family. Isn't it amazing to look back and see where so much of what makes you you comes from?

Kitty said...

Have fun with the pies! Do you go for it and make the crust from scratch? Have fun in the kitchen!

You grandparents sound so great! It seems like there was plenty of personality to go around!

Have a great holiday!

Erin Wallace said...

Made the crusts from scratch - this is actually my first time doing this, but they look like they came out great. I love sharing the photos. I have so many great ones. And many great stories to tell!

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