Sunday, November 1, 2009

Building a Better Blog

I'm constantly striving to improve my blog. While killing time during Kendall's 3 hour marathon that is synchronized skating practice I happened upon the newest edition of Artful Blogging. I generally read it and leave feeling overwhelmed at the huge number of amazing blogs that are out there - which then leaves me feeling shut down as a writer. This time was different - there were so many blogs that I connected with, writers that seemed to be expressing the ideas and thoughts that I want to get across. I started making lists of ideas, wrote what I can only call a journal entry (which is totally out of character for me - while I'm keeping up with the blog, I could never journal - I know, it makes no sense), and started to formulate a path for where I want Dropped Stitches to go. Here's a bit of what I came up with:

* Reveal my authentic self
* Quit trying to build numbers (while still trying to market) - embrace the readership that I have. People are reading. Focus more on the process and less on the numbers.
* Watch the world around me with more focus
* Try not to be so analytical - don't let my brain get in the way so much
* Don't worry SO much about offending - don't be overly PC (which refers back to the authentic self)
* Let it flow

photo by karlatina444,

So this isn't the whole list and I haven't really elaborated (I may in the future) because I want more time to reflect on what these thoughts really mean. I started this out, quite frankly, to make money. I found a way to express myself, talk about knitting, family, cooking, and whatever else came to mind, and I'm feeling now that even though I still want to talk about these things, there is so much more of the world to explore.

So that's all. I've got to think now, which is the difficult, and sometimes painful, part. But that's what Imitrex is for!


Michael said...

If you indeed talk about these things, like home and cooking, believe it or not, there are people out there who enjoy that--like me... and I'm a guy!

I too read "Artful Bloggig" and was inspired much as you wrote here: "This time was different - there were so many blogs that I connected with, writers that seemed to be expressing the ideas and thoughts that I want to get across." Very true.

I loved your list of aspirations for your blog and suspect it will help you in the future. I so want to reveal more of me too but with my kids as teens and having a teenage daughter, plus various difficult challenges going on that I don't want my kids to have to read, I rather steer away from those and focus on the good I can focus on.

Well, anyway, hope your blog takes off exactly as you want. And, whilst you're at it, how about considering adding a "followers" link for those of us who would like to follow along more closely? you really do have a lovely blog here.

Cheers and nice to have met you!


Kitty said...

I love this post! When I was reading it I was thinking "yes! Yes! yes!" I think what I like about blogging is that it helps you to take a clearer look at yourself- whether you wanted to or not.

I've been thinking a lot about how PC I should be. Should I reveal my true self- and type like a dirty pirate (let's face it- I have a potty mouth), or edit myself to not offend my readers? I'm not sure what I'll end up doing.

Along with the PC stuff, I've been editing my content, because I know (firsthand!) how people can get their panties in a twist if you bring up abortion or gay marriage. Were you thinking about posting about controversial topics, or just the potty words?

What a lengthy comment! I just wanted to let you know that I think I'm in the same process with you! Take care!

Erin Wallace said...

Wow! I have never gotten such wonderful comments! I will add a followers link as there seem to be more people reading. And I'm struggling with the "authentic self" thing. I have done some things . . . well, you know. I try not so say much except the positive things about the kids and those glowing moments with Will. And there are things that go through my mind that really shouldn't end up in print. But Kate, I know what you are saying about "hot button" topics, and I think, unless these really affect my life, I'm not going to touch on them. This isn't really a political platform, it's more about life. So that's where I am now, but I'm so jazzed right now that I'm thinking about this constantly and will surely write more about it!

Emily said...

Hey, so I was browsing around on another blog... "Kate Creates" (hi Kate!) and happened upon yours. First off, your blog is lovely! I've spent the past 30 min just wandering around through it. Second, I know what you mean about always trying to improve your blog. My two cents is that you are right; it really is all about the process. Everything else comes in time. Good luck! I'll be reading :)

Michael said...

Erin, as it's virtual Tea on that day and time you can easily come. Please do!

Yes, I stay away from topics that don;t affect my day to day life too much as I'm more interested in talking about the thing that are unique to my world or how I'd like it to be.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how this blog pans out and more of your writings on blogging itself. I love to rad stuff like that. Best of luck to you.

Emily said...

I know you wrote this some time ago, but it really struck me today. As you can see from my first post yesterday, I made some people upset with a post I wrote. Now I'm really struggling with being my actual self. I was hurt by the criticism, and felt that it was mostly untrue. I want to be personal and my true self, but I don't want to get any more unpleasant phone calls. I'm really struggling to find a balance between the two.

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