Sunday, April 25, 2010

English mixed border inspiration

I'm on a flower kick! Today, I thought I'd talk about the mixed border. I've been trying to perfect the Ohio English garden for years; here are some photos to inspire you in your quest for a most beautiful border.

Spring color is important to any border


Flowering almond bush, jonquils, tulips and phlox

I love roses, so I tend to build my borders around them. I also believe that a mixed border isn't complete unless the roses are under planted with compatible plants.

Felicite Parmentier rose under planted with lily of the valley

Pink rose as a perfect complement to purple violets

Vertical interest gives the border added dimensions. I have two climbing roses on bamboo teepees in my garden

On one I have a New Dawn rose interplanted with a Nelly Moser clematis. They have a bloom overlap period of about 2 weeks and are gorgeous then!

Many other plants can add vertical interest

Echinops, hollyhocks, stock, and lupines

Soften the edges of your garden by letting plants spill over onto the sidewalk. Just make sure that the plants smell good so that when people brush up against them they smell something divine.

Catmint, pinks, and lavender are all great choices.

Fill in the garden with plants that fit into your border's color palate

Veronica, pink Asiatic lilies, salvia, Gertrude Jekyll rose, purple scabiosa, cosmos, perennial geranium, peonies, and Russian sage

And finally, add a few doses of unexpected color

Hyperion day lily, red geum, red scabiosa, and yellow geum.

So these pictures are based on the colors that I like to see in my garden. If you like yellow and purple, then by all means used yellow and purple flowers. I also use flowers that I can abuse a little, that tolerate pretty poor soil (you could mold a mug out of mine, even with all of the amending) and that can take slightly dry conditions. Easy care is my motto!

So get out there and plant! Create the border of your dreams! Live the gardener's life - it's good for you!

Pictures from Beauty In Everything and the David Austin Roses American website.


erin said...

We just planted stock this week. My daughter couldn't wait! I'm all about easy care also. I need something that you can't really mess up, especially with the little helpful hands I have in my house. :-)

Unknown said...

I love your ideas and the colors are so lovely. This makes me yearn for a home with land even more (:

Living in an apartment poses a challenge when it comes to gardening.

Right now my deck has potted lovelies like calla lily, a white lace plant of some sort (still for the life of me can't remember the name, but it's oh so dainty and lush), african daisies (white petals with the most beautiful bright blue and purple centers!!) and now veggies have made an appearance - cukes, tomatoes and peppers. Yum! I love this time of year (:

Lois Evensen said...


So pretty and so many good ideas. :) Yes, color and wonderful aromas everywhere - that's the challenge. I've been planting like crazy and will travel soon. I hope to see more beautiful colors upon my return.

Thank you for the images and ideas. Wonderful encouragement!


Kitty said...

The combinations are beautiful! I can't wait until the gardens fill in around here!

Roxanne said...

I hope you share pics of your garden when everything has bloomed! I still have to wait to plant, we had snow this weekend!

Caroline said...

Oh you are inspiring me! I think that is just what my soul dig into the earth and plant something beautiful.

stringsofpurls said...

I love the "mold the mug" comment. That's Ohio for ya! We are wet, wet ,wet here making for green, green grass! Not complaining!

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