Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Another one of Pip's brilliant ideas: Go to Flickr, type in a random year, and post your favorite photo. What I found was amazing.


Steve Gobeil

Go here for the story behind this photo. It's poignant and bittersweet. His Lost friends and lost loves photo stream is amazing.

Looking for the giveaway? Go here.


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

What a neat photo and idea---I want to go type in a year and see what I find! xo katie

Roxanne said...

This made me cry. What a beautiful story and photo.

Anonymous said...

oooh, that is a great idea. off to try it now...

xo Alison

Stacy said...

That picture is incredible, and the story so sad. She not only captured him, but that whole era.

Manda said...

Love that picture... reminds of my own "hippie year" (I thought it would be cool) when Janice Joplin ruled my CD player, and Jimmy was on my shirt!

I have to say Erin... I am so thankful for your wonderful comments on my blog. I'm glad my words are touching someone. Yep, this is all SO new - only started in February. I'm so new at it, I didn't know how to link you to a blog post... still don't. In time, I'm sure I'll figure out all the tricks.

Much love to you!!! :)

Michelle, Queen Behind the Lens! said...

What an amazing yet at the same time mundane story. Thanks for pointing us to it. I didn't exactly go with the challenge, but posted my own 70's picture. Your post was a great inspiration, though. I'm glad it finally forced me to scan my pic and blog about it. Cheers.

christina said...

oh, this story was so sad, but filled with life.
thank you for sharing this.

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