Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Genuine Me

So I wrote a post a few days ago that I wasn't sure I wanted to write. Putting yourself out there is a tough thing to do. But I recalled that one of the things that I wanted to do with my blog was to be authentic, and I had realized that I was hiding significant moments in my life behind glossy, superficial posts.

Maybe you wont notice much of a change, cuz I don't really want to change the focus of the blog, I just want to get brave and start sharing those moments that might help someone else, or give them hope, or whatever.

But tomorrow, I'm sharing a recipe and a kitchen utensil. So don't run away, please!

Oh, and I'm planning another give away, so be prepared! I think this one is really good!

So that's all I have to say. Night!


Stacy said...

I read your post and thought it was beautiful. Sometimes when people write deep, meaningful posts it's hard to leave a comment because I can't really sum up what I'm thinking or feeling in a few sentences, and also need time to process it. I admire you and anyone else who puts themself out there because it's so much easier not to.

I am trying to be more open in my blog posts too, but also maintain a balance of comfort and privacy.
I read an interview with a blogger who said she always tries to come to her blog with an open heart. I like that so much I adopted it for myself.

Looking forward to your recipes and that giveaway :)

barbaridade said...

Erin, I can hardly wait for your post.

It's really good to read authentic blogs, I realized that we often write only the good or supperficial things about our lives, but I feel really good when I read real post , about real people , that have real lifes.

And please share the recipe!
I am Wanting to change our food habits (eat simple, less meat), maybe you can help. In Portugal we have the terrible habit of eating a lot and a lot of meat.

see you :)

PS: I already have an apointment. Thank you so much for your words, once again.

Mary said...

Oh Erin You are just so creative all around!! And always a cooking!! Makes me hungry!!

Manda said...

Being Authentic is a VERY good thing... I look forward to seeing the truly genuine you.

Karen said...

Just write what you feel comfortable with, dear Erin. No pressure.

Roxanne said...

Putting yourself out there makes your blog amazing; if I didn't feel like I knew the "genuine" you, I wouldn't read :) Keep on, keepin' on!

Kitty said...

Oh, Erin! How great you are! Keep on writing and we'll keep on reading!

Thank you so much! You've inspired me!

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