Friday, April 2, 2010

Zoo Day



Just back from the Columbus Zoo. Over a year ago, I wrote about how great and under-appreciated our zoo was; since that time, it has been voted the #1 zoo in the United States!

Today was a less than stellar visit. Everyone in Ohio and the surrounding states was there with the lines to prove it. Early on, William got sunscreen in his eye and cried and rubbed until his eye was swollen shut. This, along with the bruise on his cheek from running into the sofa arm made him look a little pathetic. I got some "you child beater" looks from judgemental parents (accidents happen, don't get your panties in a bunch!) He wasn't thrilled when I flushed his eye with saline. But his eye got better.

His less than enthusiastic response rubbed off on Kendall and Collin, so for about half of the visit, we were all sort of downers. But then we got to the Aquarium. There is nothing that Will loves more than fish. His eyes grew large, he climbed out of his wagon, and pressed his nose up against the glass in complete awe and delight. He didn't want to leave. Kendall and Collin joined right in. It's a miracle that we got home.

I bought season tickets, so hopefully better zoo days are ahead. If nothing else, get the boy to the aquarium!


Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Sometimes, for me, just being near water is soothing. I hope everyone's feeling better now.

stringsofpurls said...

We need to head up to that zoo. I am originally form California and was raised to think that the San Diego Zoo was the best. Now you've got me thinking about going to the zoo!

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty good at visiting ohio treasures, but i've never been to the columbus zoo. definitely going to try this summer. sorry your visit wasn't so great.

xo Alison

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