Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Love: Grey

I don't think I've ever talked about how much I really love grey. I used to wear it all the time. It feels like a soft color to me when it is light and sophisticated when it's dark. And it is the color of mourning doves and my first born cat, Stanley, still kickin' (though a little slower) at 16 (84 in human years!!). And paired with teal, it's about as perfect as a color can get.

Rockin' Mama


1. LOVE WINS Dress Asphalt by eleflint designs, $24.00
2. Dark turquoise cuff bracelet by theshagbag, $16.00
3. Painted peackock feather boots by Scholarly Articles , $85.00
4. Women's fine ribbed ultra soft daily leggings by lamixx, $25.00

Pretty Mama


1. the grey dress by mia blaz, $58.00
2. Eco-chic Ballerina flats by Chinese Arithmetic, $25.00
3. EZ Canvas bag in Dark Teal by Kinies, $45.00
4. Mystic Droplet by Kenton Beadworks, $32.00

Glamour Mama


1. Shirred tube dress by Lirola, $165.00
2. ANNA milky turquoise rough cut crystal earrings (gold) by Bride Blu, $16.00
3. Peacock Satin Shoes by Paris xox, $122.00
4. Silver Tree Branch Clutch by Shakuyaku, $42.00

All of these items are from Etsy. So lest you think that Etsy is all tea cozies and yarn, think again! Support your independent artist! Shop Etsy.


Cooking Up Faith said...

Wow, I've never thought of pairing gray with turqoise. What a beautiful combination! :)

Thanks for visiting me at Cooking up Faith!

Unknown said...

Excited to follow along!

Yenta Mary said...

What beautiful things! And as one of those who thought Etsy shops were more crafty than anything else, it's good to see such variety ... :)

Joyti said...

I love grey too. I usually like to pair it with purple or lavender.

Roxanne said...

"grey is my favorite color...Iiii felt so symbolic, yesterday" Grey really is my favorite color too, about 80% of my wardrobe and many, many things around me house are some hue and it was a major color in our wedding. Great minds, Erin, great minds :)

Arbie Goodfellow said...

Really enjoy your choices.
Very lovely.
Thank-You also for including my peacock shoes!

Weezer said...

I love Gray. It goes with anything....anything. And corals and pale yellows are wonderful with it. I used to be a khaki sort of person until I realized that it really wasn't very good for my color. Now, it's GRAY.
Thanks for your comment about my cicadas. They're busting out all over.

Linda said...

Grey goes with everything, I love it too!

HRH Sarah said...

I adore all three looks! And thanks for the links- Etsy's so big I never can manage to narrow it down!

Katherine said...

I'd never thought much of grey and teal together until I dyed some yarn using those two colours. They work so well together, as your post (and my yarn!) beautifully illustrate :) xx

Cat said...

I adore all of the gray finds!!! It is such a fantastic, rich color and mixes so well with other colors.

Thanks for featuring my Anna earrings...I am so very faltered!!!!

xo Cat

beth said...

grey has been my new black for over a year now, but cripes, i can't find the perfect grey shoes or handbag....arrghhh !

Amy said...

Wow - so much gorgeous on this page! Wish I had an excuse to buy those shoes, love 'em!

miablaz said...

WOW that Kinies bag, love it! beautiful combinations, I´m a grey lover to :)

Emily said...

Oh you make me want to go shopping! I love gray too. It goes with everything!

paula said...

gray is my go to color:)

Christy said...

beautiful color and color combination! i love it!

Claudia said...

Funny how we fall for certain colors...mine is all shades

Stacy said...

What great finds and pairings. I too love Gray and Turquoise. Thank you kindly for including my necklace. :)

Lamixx said...

really cool!! thank you so much for including lamixx!!

Wende said...

MIxed with teal and aqua it is really lovely! And how much do you love Etsy? I'm seriously addicted.

Michelle said...

Ah, I'm a grey girl too! Couldn't agree more. Our MB remodle is done in greay and teal!! Love your pics (as always)

and flowers pick themselves said...

the love wins dress is SO cute. i love the design!

xo Alison

Unknown said...

I loooove Gray. (So much so that I named my son, Grey.) I love it with the turquoise. Yum. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy to meet a new friend.

Have a great weekend,

The Single Nester said...

I love all things turquoise! Great blog and am looking forward to reading more.

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