Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This world that our God placed us on is a pretty amazing place. What are the things that make you take pause, fill you with wonder, that make you catch your breath?



One of the greatest privileges of my life was also the source of the most amazing moments I have encountered. As a pediatrician, I was called to attend many high risk deliveries and c-sections. As parents, we rarely get the opportunity to hold a baby the moment it is born. I never took those moments for granted. Newborn babies aren't pink and soft. They are covered in blood and a cheesy protective covering and are often blue. But then you start to dry them off and rub their backs and they take that first gasp and HELLO WORLD! Eyes open in bewilderment, shrill, but beautiful, cries come out of tiny mouths, legs that have never stretched out suddenly pop straight, hands stretch open (because we do a lot of stuff to irritate them - it's all good; it helps them breathe and become alert). And then, once all the measurements have been taken, the Vitamin K has been given, and the baby has been wrapped tight, a second wonderful moment - introducing the parents to their new miracle. What a privilege to be part of such a moment of intimacy. I do miss that.

Though they pale in comparison, there are other moments that stop me in my tracks.



As a child I fished in a rowboat with my grandfather whenever I could. The whole experience was magical to me - the lap of the water, the herons swooping overhead, and the water skimmers - I would watch them more than my bobber. But the most extraordinary moments occurred when a damselfly decided to perch on the end of my fishing pole. These iridescent, fragile appearing beauties that usually flitted by would decide to grace me with their presence. I was lost then. I cannot see a dragon or damselfly without thinking of grandpa.



I have been fascinated by the moon forever. As a child, I could not get over the fact that no matter how far we drove, the moon always followed. And I loved the man in the moon. That face made me happy. Now I marvel over the fact that our moon actually has that face, that human face, on it. That it controls the ebb and flow of the oceans and is instrumental in the gravitational pull of the planet. This dusty rock circling our planet, this luminous satellite, will forever fill me with awe.



My husband is fascinated (FASCINATED) with lightening. I don't imagine it takes much explaining for anyone to understand why. The sheer power, from little bits of static electricity coalescing, is extraordinary. Have you ever been near a lightening strike and felt the change in the air, smelled the ozone, and watched the hairs on your arm stand up? While I'm not advocating trying to get near a lightening strike, I can attest that it is an experience you will never forget.



What can I say about a rainbow? God's gift, the sign of His first covenant with us, is incredible. Imagine hundreds of years ago, before physics and chemistry, when a person looked at a rainbow, what must they have thought? It is a visible representation of the majesty, mystery, and miracle of our God.

And I've only scratched the surface. The aurora borealis, birds in flight, tornadoes, herds of buffalo, I could go on and on. Keep your eyes open to the majesty that surrounds you. And remember to thank the One that gave it to you.


Weezer said...

Oh, you and I share so very many things alike. I worked as a pediatric nurse for years and loved being able to cuddle those little things as they came from surgery, not knowing why they were where they were.
And seeing my granddaughters born...and that first kiss on their little cheeks.
I love what you've displayed and expressed here. Thanks for sharing these. Too often we overlook the smaller things.

Libby said...

Erin, I hope you're feeling better. How lucky are you to help bring such beauty and life into our world.

Betty Manousos said...

These are really lovely photos.
You are so creative!
Find your blog through Tag Along Tuesdays. Looking forward to read more.
Hope you visit me.

Ruth said...

Erin this is beautiful beautiful post. I too am fascinated by the moon and of course the rainbow...:)

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Pumpkin Tart said...

I found you on Follow Back Tuesday and am now of course following!

It was nice to find such a sweet blog. Beautiful words.


Jessica said...

Wonderful Post! I couldn't agree with you more. When you really stop and think about all that God has done and how things work in this world it is truly breathtaking. I did a post just last week focused on my baby boy.


Monique said...

Hi Erin! Thanks so much for visiting me at http://originalmischief.blogspot.com via TTA. I'm already a follower of yours! :) Best wishes Monique xx

Holly said...

Following from FMBT & Blog Frog

This is a beautiful post! I wish I'd lived closer to my grandfather. He had a sailboat and loved phtography as much as I do.

I lived in FL growing up and remember the lightning cracking across the sky. It was amazing. Now I live in Ut and you just don't see lightning like that. When there is a lightning storm I TRY to catch it with my camera... I think I'll have to go back to FL to GET it! LOL! I did catch beautiful rainbows in Hawaii, though! *AAAHHHhh...*

Enjoyed your post! ;D

Verns said...

hi, thanks for following Petty Things In Life, followed you back ... vernz (I have profile photo yet.)

Every Mom Has Her Day said...

Following you back from TTA! :)

Christina said...

Biggest hug. Read your last post along with this one. You were a pediatrician?? I didn't know that. I had tears in my eyes the moment my lil' fella screamed:0, what an awesome moment it was. Happy Week!!

Lovely World said...

Ah yes. That moment in which a new life emerges. As a midwife, every birth brings that sense of wonder and awe. Wonderful post!

Aubrey S. said...

It is so easy sometimes to forget to notice the "little" things. Great post; definitely thought-provoking.

Sharon Cohen said...

I'd forgotten the water skippers. . Majestic is an appropriate descriptor.

sarah {on the brightside...} said...

there are so many amazing beauties in this world... we are so blessed! & i love the beautiful imagery in your writing! :)

Duchess said...

Lovely pictures...thank you for sharing and reminding us about the happy things in the world...

Charissa Steyn said...

This is so beautiful! I especially love the first part. I have always wanted to be a mid-wife...I am so fascinated by the miracle of birth. It is breathtaking!

Looking forward to reading more from you:)

Blessings bloggy friend,

Ashley Sisk said...

Wow - these are all such amazing moments. Thanks for following me. I always love your work here.

--Amie-- said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I'm your newest follower from FMBT!!


Michelle said...

Hi! Thank you for following me on my blog Style Ingenuity. I thought I would say hi as well and return the favor! Your blog is beautiful and will be back to read again!

- Shelli @ www.styleingenuity.com

Unknown said...

blissfully beautiful post Erin. You make me want to run outside and reconnect with the earth and sky.

Vivianne's Vista said...

Mmmm, such a beautiful post. And to answer your question- how about the sounds of the ocean waves crashing against the surf, or the sound of hundreds of cicadas buzzing in the morning, the smell of rain in the air right before a storm, and lastly the smile on your child's face after tasting the first snowfall of the season? I see God in all of that.

Thank you for stopping by my blog today.

Betty Manousos said...

Thanks for the follow :)
I'm your new follower!
Love your super awesome blog!

Annette said...

What a gorgeous post--you've just lifted my spirits. I never want to take my days for granted, nor all the gifts and signs we see each day. I'm finally following you back from last week's follow--I had some computer issues. I am so appreciative to have found your blog.

Unknown said...

What a lovely post!

Following you back from FMBT!

Myrna R. said...

I love your thoughts and your pictures are wonderful. I'll be visiting you often.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Hello!! What an inspirational blog you have here!! I am a follower now - can't wait to have a look around!! Visiting from TTA!!

Rachel said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!! I'm following you back! :)

I really like your blog, I look forward to reading more posts!!


Amy said...

Such a beautiful post! Love it!

Stopping by from FMBT! Loving your site! Come check me out too and follow back?

Amy @ rendermemama.blogspot.com

Kari @ Mommy's Fabulous Finds said...

Hi I am your newest follower from Tag Along Tuesday!

I look forwards to reading your blog


Carries Rambles said...

That was such a powerful post!
Thank you for following me, I am following you back

Bargain Hoot said...

what a beautiful post...I never knew you gave babies vit. K I've just been reading about how important vit K is for the body.

Kimberly @ Bookmark To Blog said...

What a fantastic post!

Amanda said...

Beautiful post! I love so many of the same things. I'm following you back from Welcome Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by.

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Julie said...

I love your writings. Your words are so wonderful. Your thoughts just jump into my mind and sit there and grow. Love them all. I'm off to read more. When I become a follower I spend the time to get to learn about the person and I am having a great time learning about you.
Take care and have a safe and blessed weekend.

Marnie said...

You described "new" new borns extremely well! When my daughter was born, I was also mesmerized by how sweet her breath was! I had honestly never smelled something so pure and beautiful. It stayed that way the entire time she was breastfed too. Ah...wonderful times :0)

Kirsty said...

Such a wonderful post, and a beautiful collection of images, too. I've been reading here for about 20 minutes now, and am so smitten with your blog. Really happy to have found you (via the comment you left on mine - thanks so much!), and will be back.


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