Monday, July 5, 2010

Questions for my readers

As many of you know, I am a knitter, crocheter, and dabble in photography. I have an etsy shop, but there are so many sellers on etsy it seems that I'm just a drop in the proverbial bucket. My cool friend Roxanne set up a great Pop-Up Shop (which, yes, I have purchased from) on her website and it got me thinking - why can't I sell on my blog?


So, here are my questions:

::Would you feel comfortable buying from a personal website rather than etsy if Paypal were the preferred method of selling?

::For all of you legal and business minded people, are there certain licences, etc, that I need to obtain if I do this?

::How much would you pay for an 8x10 photograph if you really liked the picture?

::What do you think a reasonable price is for a granny square pillow? Crocheted cotton wash cloths? A granny square bag?

I also have lots of cute vintage doo dads that I've been wanting to sell.

This just seems like a much more streamlined and direct way of dealing with buyers. And I have no intention of stopping my regular content, but there would be posts about new items I have for sale. So I wanted to get the opinion of my readers, as many of you also sell handmade goods. Please, educate me!

Photo from We Heart It


Teachinfourth said...

My recommendation would be to have another blog linked to this one. That way, folks who come to enjoy your writing wouldn't be inundated with items they may not be interested in.

If you're going to turn this into a business, you'd want to look into getting a license (set up an S-Corp).

Prices of items? I'd recommend looking around online and seeing what similar items are going for and then go from there.

Kimberly Walker said...

Yes you should be able to sell from your blog. Do you already have Paypal? There is a section designed for selling. There are many buttons and tools in there that you should check out when you're free. Also, to help is get reviewed on you Paypal... easy way for that to happen is when you use ebay... if you've ever purchased on there before. I usually like to ask sellers/buyers to review me so that I have good feedback in my Paypal.
It's all about word of mouth... once you have a few comments/feedback more people will trust you.
No I don't believe you need a license... at least not in my area (Canada).
Good thing is that you already have a blog and some regular viewers... right there gives you a little bit extra trust.
Good luck!
Keep posting about it... want to know what you do!

beth said...

wish i could help...
but i couldn't begin to sell online so i don't have any advice at all.....

Stephanie M. Page said...

I don't know why you couldn't sell from your blog, I am not a business mind...but I would love to look at your cute things!!! =)

Little Lizard King said...

Great idea - especially since you already have a large blog following. Paying via Paypal would definitely ease entry into purchasing off your blog, and those that make purchases off your blog are likely to already follow or read, which means they will have a greater comfort level. Seems like a solid plan to me. No idea on pricing. I set prices in my shop based on what I would pay for the same item, and I'm very frugal. When it comes to photos, I'm clueless.

Best of luck!

ImplausibleYarn said...

I would feel comfortable about buying from a personal website if paypal was concerned. Paypal is a pretty great thing. I have no idea what I would pay for things, I always feel awkward even at flea markets when people ask me to "make an offer" or "pay what its worth".

Melissa G said...

You have a great blog and I would totally buy from a blog especially if i'd been following them for a while. It would be neat to see your new items and a great chance for you to showcase what you have for sale. Go for it! It's a great idea!

Amy Ricks said...

Hi! I have dabbled in the "esty" arena and have found that it does not give me a way to accurately portray and express my personality the way I can on my own blog. I too have considered a seperate page to showcase my other projects as well. So I vote, YES, it's a great idea as far as I'm concerned and I would not hesitate to make a purchase from an independent. I do think PayPal is a must.


Wendy said...

Hi Erin,
I'm catching up on visiting people back who were kind enough to visit and/or follow me and it happened to be at a time when life became chaotically busy! So, hello:)
As to your questions, I hope you get answers from knowledgeable people (I'm not one of those, unfortunately), because I'd like to know the answers to some of them myself. Your blog is pretty. Hope that you'll come back and visit mine often!
Faith's Firm Foundation

CherylT said...

You should be able to sell from a website that is set up for secure payment, like PayPal. I would not be comfortable buying from a personal website unless I knew you personally. Too much fraud on the Internet. Also, I wouldn't buy a picture image unless I wanted it as a poster or note cards, but that's just me. Thanks for checking out my blog. Hope we can connect again in the future.

Betty Manousos said...

Hi Erin, selling on line would be great to my opinion.
I've been followed your blog for quite some time.. I hope you get a chance to visit me and follow me back.
Thank you!
Wishing you a great week!
~B :)

Keya Kuhn said...

I gave you an award today. Check it out!

christina said...

etsy is a reputable place along with many others.
"if you build it, they will come." : ) i like that quote.

Manda said...

I really don't have advice... but just a little statement for ya ~ I'd be a customer of yours!!!
:) xo

The Housewife said...

You should check out
Her photos are gorgeous and she sells prints. Might give you some ideas!

Debra Hawkins said...

I agree, etsy shops kind of get lost in the shuffle. I think selling from your blog is a great idea! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Danylle McLain said...

I have had similar questions. Thanks for putting them out there. Your readers are full of information.

Julie said...

As long as you pay your state taxes, offer an easy way for buyer to pay, have a fair shipping rate I think selling from your blog is a wonderful idea. I'm sure there's some commerece licenings and such but with a bit of research you'll figure it out. When you do, just maybe you could teach a few of us how to do it or give us a few pointers to head us in the right direction.
Good luck with whatever you do. I do agree with most of your commentors.
Take care and God Bless!!!

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