Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Rose that Grew from Concrete




The Rose That Grew from Concrete

Did you hear about the rose that grew
from a crack in the concrete?
Proving nature's law is wrong it
learned to walk with out having feet.
Funny it seems, but by keeping it's dreams,
it learned to breathe fresh air.
Long live the rose that grew from concrete
when no one else ever cared.

Tupac Shakur



All photos property of Erin Wallace


Kyla Armstrong said...

Thank you for stopping by! The photos and the verse are beautiful.

Samina said...

Your blog is pretty and inspiring.
Thanks so much for stopping by and following me at I am your newest follower. Have a great weekend and see ya next post.

Claudia said...

thanks Erin - this is beautiful - and there are some roses i know that grew from concrete - one of them myself...

flutter said...

Hi Erin. What a nice inspirational post. Thank y ou for sharing your fabulous photo's.. I had a really nice visit.x

Ruth said...

Hi Erin, great pictures and beautiful lines. Just stopped to say hi and wish you a great weekend..:)

Underneath His Wrapping

Torhild Reidardatter said...

Beatifull roses!!

Coleen's Corner said...

Oh what a lovely blog you have! I'm so glad you stopped by so I would in turn stop by!

Kat said...

Thank you for following! Your photos are beautiful :)

Unknown said...

I didn't know Tupac had such grace in his words. The pictures and words completely compliment each other. Thanks for a little lesson this morning!

Char said...

gorgeous shots - that rose has a beautiful delicate color.

Sofia said...

Loved this post. Lovely photos.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you now!


A GAL NEEDS... said...

Oh my gosh! That is so beautiful, both the pictures and the verse. Are you talking Tupac Shaqur, the rapper who was killed? That is amazing! I will have to take another look at his work! Thanks for the follow! Following back!

Scarlet of Moms Wear Your Tees said...

You are an amazing photographer. your whole blog is full of pretty photos. I am following now.

Elder Esplin said...

HEY ERIN! I made it! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a nice comment. Comments make my day! I'm gonna look around here for a minute. Thanks again!

Jennie @ CInnaberry Suite

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

What gorgeous roses! Wow

christina said...

love these roses and adore tupac.

The Redneck Rosarian said...

Very good post. This rose and verse are beautiful.

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