Monday, December 13, 2010

Rêver en français

Dreaming in French

Mon monde a été chaotique de tard et il fait froid ici. J'avais rêvé de la France; rêve avec moi, svp?

My world has been chaotic of late and it is cold here. I have been dreaming of France; dream with me, won't you please?

Un "hello" dans le rose

un journal et un petit Tour Eiffel

le fournisseur de fleur

la creperie rose

un mur à Versailles

une jeune femme chic

macarons de Lauderee

et Dieu a fait Bardot

les géraniums à la cathédrale

la baguette

Tour Eiffel un jour brumeux

Rêver est meilleur en français.

Dreaming is better in French.

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Emily said...

Il fait chaud ici...mais it will be cold when we fly back to visit family for Christmas. These pictures are SO dreamy!

Myrna R. said...

Je suis d'accord, tout est magnifique en francaise.

Cindy said...

It certainly looks like it to me. thanks for sharing your dream. hugs.

Jamie said...

Se réveiller à Paris, c'est encore mieux.

sara said...

Lovely. I visited France several years ago in February and it was just too cold to enjoy properly! It needs to be spring so you can wander and sit and do nothing but soak it all in...

Anonymous said...

So I have no clue what all the words say, but darn it, doesn't it sound so pretty?! Love the pictures. I am so happy that your husband is back. have a great day!

Jamie said...

France sounds heavenly right about now

Myrna R. said...

Je reve avec toi et j'aime la vie en rose.

Tu parle francais? Moi - un petit peu.

Erin Wallace said...

Fo rthose impressed with my French skills, I speak only limited French. Babelfish helped with this post! And for those who speak no French, here are translations of the comments en francais:

Emily Joyce: It is hot here… but ... (she is in France, the lucky duck!)

Myrna R.: I am in agreement, all is splendid as a Frenchwoman.


I dream with you and like "la vie en rose". You speak French? I speak little bit.

Jamie: To wake in Paris is still better.

and flowers pick themselves said...

beautiful! i love the architecture :)

xo Alison

christina said...

amen sister!

Barbara said...

Hehe! Funny enough, as a French expat living in the UK, that's the question I get most often:
"do you read in French or English?"
And the answer is, after 10 years of expatriation, in English!

(very cute post in French by the way, even if, of course, as teacher, I need to warn you against online translators as they don't always work: there are a couple of mistakes here!) :)

Unknown said...

This should say "do you DREAM in English or French"

Sorry about the typo, I am very tired and very much looking forward to the end of term on Friday!

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