Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Save some Cash on Glasses - Buy them Online

This IS NOT a sponsored post. You see, I have the Medical Card, and while I am grateful for the medical care and eye care that it provides, one on the Medical Card rarely has much choice when it comes to glasses at the Optometrist. And while my Optometrist offers a discount on non-Medicaid approved frames for those that want to look a bit more stylish, glasses are still above $100 dollars and thus out of our price range.


Imagine my happiness when I learned that one can obtain glasses at steeply discounted prices online. All you need is your lens prescription and you are off to the races. I decided to go with EyeBuyDirect, but there are any number of places that you can buy from such as Frames Direct which has a huge selection of designer frames, 39 Dollar Glasses where glasses start at, you guessed it, $39, and Glasses Market.

There were a TON of styles to choose from but the sites make the work easier by letting you narrow down choices by shape, size, color, plastic, metal, etc, fully rimmed, rimless, etc, and price. They all have a tool where you can upload a picture (or use one of their models, which doesn't seem all that helpful to me) and "try on" different glasses. Here's my photo of the glasses I chose:

They are called "Cad" and with shipping and a new customer discount cost me just above $30.00. Thirty Dollars! You will have to add more for features like anti-glare, UV protection, transition lenses, ultra-thin, bifocals, etc., but the prices are still less that I have ever paid out of pocket for a pair of glasses (for the record, I had corrective eye surgery in 1998, when I was considered legally blind. I know how much ultra thin lenses with funky prisms, etc, cost. After I had William, my vision got blurry again, thus the new need for glasses).

I'm supposed to get the glasses in about 14 days. I'll let you know more about them when I actually get them. Thus far, however, the process has been easy and fun, and at prices like these, why not buy several different pairs and have an eye glasses wardrobe? More to come!


Lois Evensen said...

It's cool there is a place to get glasses so reasonably. We got new glasses about four months ago.

Rachelle said...

I do the same thing; I use zennioptical having had an excellent experience with them the first time I bought from them. I've also used Goggles4U but the experience wasn't quite so good as I didn't realise that they make theirs in Pakistan I think it was, so when a cloth wrapped package arrived with no id on it we had a small panic attack until I got hold of them. I've suggested in future that if they're using an area that has a high terrorist threat level that they should at least put their company logo on it!

Shan said...

WOW! That is awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

Mummygadgetgeek said...

I've been a fan of online glasses for years - I use glasses direct (in the U.K.) and I have several lovely pairs now in a range of colours and styles. Its nice to have a bit more choice at affordable prices :)

Katiebee said...

I've been wondering about this very thing! Nice to be able to read some feedback~

Relyn Lawson said...

I love the glasses picture. Too fun. I didn't buy mine online, but I have finally adjusted and come to love them.

Unknown said...

I also prefer to buy cheap eyeglasses online, these online stores have good quality and there price is very low.

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