Thursday, October 8, 2009

As Yet Untitled . . .

Well,tuna casserole has been made and served, bellies are full, and the boys are watching "Flushed Away." Pretty quiet evening (especially since Kendall and her friends are at their Homecoming pep rally). Kendall's big competition is in two days, so later I will be making posterboard signs to cheer her on. What a skater mom I have become!

Some great news is that I finally have merchandise in my etsy store, Howard Knits! I've decided to focus on luxury yarns - angora, cashmere, merino wool - and thankfully there is a lot out there to be had. The only problem with finding these beautiful yarns is that I want to keep the sweaters! I found this lovely red cashmere/angora blend cabled pullover and was so tempted to keep it until my husband told me it was too tight on me (I asked, this was not unsolicited information!). So please visit my store for some great yarns!

Old Goat

This lovely animal makes my favorite fiber. Did I tell you I LOVE goats?

So I found a group on Ravelry for bloggers. And in that group was a thread where people can post links to their blogs. Can I tell you there are some really great blogs out there? A few of my favorites are Dances With Wools (great name - wish I was so clever!) which is all about knitting, crochet, yarn, all of the stuff we yarnies obsess over. Kate Creates is the blog of a knitter, spinner, and pretty talented cook it seems in Maine. It is lovely to look at, and she is making a pair of Scandinavian mittens that are to die for! Inkberryblue offers a lot of eye candy as well. The photos on this blog are exceptional, and the first post that I read was entitled "Reasons To Be Grateful." We all need a reminder that we have lots of things to thank God for all around us, and this post focused on Inkberryblue's. Check these out. Leave comments. Us bloggers like comments, it shows us you care. Send a little love. You'll feel better about yourself.


kate said...

Thanks for the lovely comments! It kinda made me blush... I just have to tell you that I love goats too! At the local fair I came upon a group of lovely little pygora goats, and all I could say to My Mister was "I want! I want! I waaant!" Take care- your on my list of favorite blogs too!

katknit said...

Thank you for the nice compliment on Dances with Wools. I'll return the favor, and will also look for you on Ravelry.

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