Monday, October 12, 2009

Things I Found

Yes, I've spruced up the page a bit. Like it? Wanna make your blog look like this? Go to Shabby Blogs to get free backgrounds, headers, buttons, and other cool blog thingies.

Things I Found
We are having a yard sale this Thursday through Saturday so I have been going through closets, cabinets, and cupboards to find items to sell. It's interesting the things that you find that you've totally forgotten about. First of all, I found a notebook that has garden plans in it. It has to be from a long time ago, during my heady single doctor years, as I have plans for a huge lavender border with around 1000 pavers costing $325, so much salvia that is was going to cost $270 (!!), and here's the kicker, $780 (!!!!) dollars worth of lavender. I love lavender. I've mentioned it before. But now that we are pinching pennies until our fingers bleed, I cannot fathom a day that I was willing to even consider spending almost $800 on lavender!

If $800 worth of lavender would make my yard look like this, I'd buy it!

I found bags and boxes of never sent (never opened, even) Christmas cards. I don't send them anymore. I feel a little like Scrooge, but the stamps are too expensive. I had a list of 50 Christmas card recipients from some year long past. Boutonnieres that I made for my wedding were in the bottom of a craft organizer box that looks like a fishing tackle box. My first crochet hook made me feel sentimental; the unfinished cross stitched bookmark whose kit was bought at Winchester Cathedral and stitched on the way to Stonehenge was at the bottom of a bag of cross stitch kits. There was a REALLY sharp pair of stork scissors - I know this as I poked myself with them - and a little hobby saw in my toddler's closet (I have to let you know in my defense that his closet has a hook and eye on it and he can't get into it). I found a female doctor Christmas ornament that made me a little sad and my high school diploma which made me feel old. Even though I have no time to cross stitch anymore, I'm keeping the DMC floss chart to help me when choosing colors for knitting. And I found an afghan hook. I didn't even know that I had an afghan hook. I don't know why I have it, but I do.


Gonna go do something with yarn. I suggest you do, too.


kate said...

I love how your blog looks- it's so pretty! The header and background go very well together. Shabby blogs kicks ass, no?

I'm sorry to hear about your lack of lavender. I agree it is wonderful(one of my favorites!), but maybe if you just got a pot or two, and then divided each plant a couple of times, you would eventually have all the lavender you ever wanted! It might take a while, but eventually you would get there!

Sharon said...

Your new blog look is great!

That much lavender would be wonderful, but egads, $800 today is a lot of seed money.

Erin Wallace said...

I still dont' know what I was thinking - $800 dollars for lavender! I used to have about 75 lavender plants in my yard but Ohio winters aren't kind to it, so now I'm down to 5. I'm replacing it all with catmint which smells wonderful and is just as pretty when in bloom and gives my cats something to roll around in in the summertime. I've also found that lavender thyme works as a good substitute.

Kookababy said...

I really love how your blog looks. Lovely and super professional. I'm super bad at the computer stuff. Totally digging the photos too!

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