Thursday, May 29, 2008

More from the Garden, Knitting Plans

More from the Garden

My garden is mostly purples and pinks with the sundry white flower at this time of year. Was doing the daily garden stroll, and was struck by the color of the Johnson Blue Geranium and the False Indigo at dusk. The flowers almost seem to glow. I wish I could somehow capture it on film. At any rate, the picture shows how the flowers seem to be of different hues and saturation at dusk.


I'm wishing I could find a yarn with all of these colors in it (even the green). Would be so pretty!


My pretty mystery bush with the tiny, cupped, pink flowers is in full flush. I'm going to have to use my Native Trees of Ohio tree key and figure out what it is! I'm sure it's something common and not at all exciting, but it still is pretty when it blooms!


The weigelia is just covered with blooms. I wish that it flowered for a little longer.

And finally . . .


. . . another clematis! I love the double blooms of this variety (another one of those root cuttings with no name). It grows up my non-functional gas coach lamp, which now serves at a lovely birdhouse for a family of sparrows.

Knitting Plans

I'm a relatively new knitter (only a few years in) and I've mostly done projects that incorporate lacework or stripes, but no colorwork or intarsia. I've always loved the beautiful black and white Scandinavian designs and Fair Isle work, so I'm looking for a project that isn't too complicated so that I can learn a thing or two and expand my knitting repertoire.

Aren't these mittens pretty? I want to know how to do that! (picture found on Photobucket).

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